Why I Prefer “Diviner” to “Psychic”, and Why that Matters

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A Tour of a Polytheist Pagan Altar

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To Hex or Not To Hex

Besides getting ready to move and editing the Athena devotional, most of my extra energy has been going to the new channel in the last few weeks.

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So I made a Polytheist YouTube Channel

Because I totally need another project.

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A Question for my Readers Regarding House Spirits

I have a question for my readers if anyone would like to share their thoughts. I’m assuming that most of my readers are some form of Pagan, Polytheist, witch, etc. Regardless, most of these traditions are animistic. I know that many of the Pagan bloggers I follow live this worldview, approaching the world as filled with many and varied spirits.

So when you know that everything is enspirited, and you have a relationship with the spirit of your house (not simply a household spirit like the Lares or Penates) or with a piece of land, How do you let go when you are forced to move? Do you say goodbye to your old house, or have a ritual to thank and honor it for sheltering and protecting you? It’s not likely that the new residents will do the same, after all (although with Marie Kondo stubly sneaking animism into middle-class American culture, who knows). How do you build a relationship with the next house, knowing that you’ll only be there for a year or two as well, and that eventually you’ll have to abandon that one?
This is one of the things about our culture I hate most: the impermanence. I long for rootedness and permanence and to have a lasting, decades-long relationship with the same plot of land, no matter how small. It hurts me to develop a relationship with the spirits around me and then be forced to leave them. I still remember a particular treespirit I talked to when I was a teenager and how much I missed her presence when my family moved. The lack of a rootedness and a family home is something that a lot of people in this culture, or at least my lower-class bracket of it, suffer from, and I think we are worse off spiritually for it. It does contribute to a sense of drifting and disconnection from the community around us (both flesh-and-blood and spirit community) and it contributes to a sense of isolation and even a lack of spiritual discernment – I cut myself off from connecting to plant spirits for YEARS because it hurt so much when my family moved and I lost my tree friend. Yes, I was a lonely teenager. You can call me crazy if you want, but if more people thought of trees as friends, maybe we would not have wrecked the planet like we have.

I’m sitting in the parking lot in my car (named VAN-nessa, by the way, because yes she is alive and our cars are our modern steeds), and I’m about to go into my “mundane” job, so I probably will not respond to any comments until lunchtime. But this is something that has been weighing on my mind as fall approaches, since I will have to be moving in all likelihood.

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Abortion and Heathen Morality



Tyr is the god of the law, the god of honour, the god of peace and justice.  All of these things come from his ordeal, his choice, and his path; accepting the cost.  Tyr offered his sword arm and thus his status as champion and warrior as security to Fenris Wolf so he would accept the binding that proved to hold the ever-hungry one, and stop his devouring all that lived.  He accepted the loss of his hand because when it came down to it, he taught us that honour requires us to accept the cost of our choices, the price of our bargains and decisions or we can have neither worth nor honour.

This brings us to one of the most divisive issues of the day, abortion.

There are Heathens on both sides of the issue.  In my own community the split is very heavy on the side of…

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You can pry the runes from my cold, dead fingers

Sweden is considering banning their own damn culture. I can’t facepalm hard enough. This is just …. there are no words to express my rage. I am actually so upset, and simultaneously so TIRED, that I couldn’t write my own report about it. So I’m just going to borrow Galina’s, and echo her words. You can’t have my runes. You can’t have my heritage. You can take them from my cold, dead hands.

Gangleri's Grove

So…Sweden is considering a ban on the runes and other Heathen symbols. Wildhunt to date doesn’t seem to have covered this– no surprise there. What Heathen groups I have seen touching on it have been excusing it. I haven’t seen medievalists up in arms about it either. Are you people out of your fucking minds? 

What is next? Banning Heathenry? That is the logical conclusion to a globalist program that considers any expression of indigenous religious culture a hate crime. 

The reasons this is being considered are, of course, supposedly to prevent white supremacist groups from using these symbols. I don’t, however, see any proposed ban of the cross or the crescent. In the end, it doesn’t matter WHY this is being considered. If you give an inch to a tyrant, they will take a mile. We should be up in arms about this. In fact, every devout community, Pagan…

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