You cannot appropriate Gods

I got a very rude comment about “white people” worshiping Gods from other cultures and this person dared to call my spiritual path a joke.
My Gods are bigger than race. Race is a human concept that doesn’t apply to the Gods. I’m sorry if you’re limiting yourself and your experiences because you’re the “wrong” race to worship any Deity that calls you. I’m not in this to impress people, I’m in this for my Gods and spirits.

Hellenic Faith

Isis Statue

People who claim that worshiping Gods outside your culture or ethnicity is “appropriation” are, quite simply, ludicrous individuals, often crypto if not blatant atheists, whose “metagenetics” or “racialist” view attempts to posit that the divine limit Their interactions with “foreigners” outside of “the race.” This stance can be understood as atheism because it denies that the Gods are real, independently existing entities with agencies of Their own who may engage in personal relations with people by engaging in a materialist reductionism (itself an offshoot of monotheism) which reduces the Gods to merely archetypes of “the race”– ridiculously binding the Gods as subject to a materialist social construct developed by imperialists during the Colonial era, far after most polytheisms were destroyed by many of the same powers. Deities are not mere culture nor objects– They are real, living and eternal Beings who may reveal Themselves to and call upon us to…

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Ra Anthology!

A devotional to Ra and His family from the wonderful Chelsea Bolton is seeking submissions!!!

Fiercely Bright One

Resized_20180421_203741_103 Photo by Monica. Used with Permission. All Rights Reserved.

Solar Flares and Sunbeams: An Anthology for Ra and His Family

by Chelsea Luellon Bolton

Ra (Re) is the ancient Egyptian God of the Sun.  He is the creator of the world, Gods and Humankind.  He is both the warmth of the sun and its fiery, scorching rays.  He is the one who travels through the sky during the day and through the Underworld at night, culminating in His defeat of the Evil Serpent.   He merges with Wesir (Osiris), the King of the Underworld and renews the afterlife and creation.

He has many forms and syncretisms with other gods.  He has many daughters who bear the title “Eye of Ra” which means they are His guardians and protectors who harness the fierce power of sun to dispose of enemies and evil forces.

Contributors can explore:

Ra as the creator of the…

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Apollo Devotional, He Who Rules with Honey, still taking Submissions

via Call for Submissions

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Corporations are [not] people

Fascinating thoughts. The subject of the egregores or some kind of animating spirit of ORGANIZATIONS instead of things has come up for me several times lately. This points in this article are very articulately expressed, and its led me to think about how I talk and write about corporations and non-animate things …. READ IT.

True Pagan Warrior

I’ve been trying for months to write about why corporations are not people. The reason this is such a struggle, I fear, is because corporations actually are people. They are treated like people by other people; what more is there to know?

When the Citizens United case was decided, it resulted in an outcry of, “corporations are not people!” Other than that specific tag line, however, there’s little to suggest that this is true. Mind you, I do not believe that corporations are people (despite being legally a “body”), but the notion that they are is thoroughly embedded in our language, therefore in our thinking. If we wish to separate personhood for corporateness, we need to start with the words that shape our thoughts.

A few examples of language that empowers faceless entities to be treated as people:

  • Someone taking over a local business in my community posted in a…

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The Girls Underground Story Oracle

I’m quite excited about this Oracle deck, and proud to have supported it through Kickstarter. If you’ve ever thought there was something deeper going on in Labyrinth or Alice in Wonderland, you might want to consider supporting the Girls Underground Story Oracle. I know the creator personally, have received divination from her several times, and I can say that I find her writing insightful and inspiring and I can’t wait to see what she does with the Oracle!

via The Girls Underground Story Oracle

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Shield of Wisdom will be re-opening for submissions on September first!

Neos Alexandria will finally, finally be getting around to the Athena devotional over here! Whoop Whoop! And we have decided that we will be taking pieces for Minerva as well (yes, I’m still co-editing it). We are hoping for a Spring 2019 publication date, and will start taking submissions on September first. So start thinking now about what you might want to submit in honor of our great Owl-Eyed Goddess! Hop on over to the NA website to read the official the call for submissions for more details and ideas, here.

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Submission to Agon for Anteros

My submission to Galina’s monthly Agon, this one in honor of Anteros.

Gangleri's Grove

To Anteros
By Amanda Artemisia Forrester

O Anteros, You are sung to far less often than Your golden brother,
But You are no less great than He Who the Romans called Cupid.
Ever-youthful, butterfly-winged, You are truly a chieftain amongst the Erotes.
Your blessing is what all men strive for
For the first stirring of love to become stronger and be returned.
Have pity on us mere mortals, whose lives are short and filled with hardships
Bless us with the joy of love returned,
Fill our lives with sweet laughter and the flush of skin, heady with pleasure when we join with our beloved,
So we have no need of Your darker side,
That of love avenged.

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