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So I know I have not been blogging much. I have been very inward focused lately, working on improving myself and staying balanced and stable, improving my health and neglected skills, and my relationships with the Gods. If you’re a friend you’ll know that I have been more active on Facebook, but I have not really been writing as much as I would like. I hope to start doing that more soon, but I can never really say how that’s going to work out. Lately I am more active on Instagram that WordPress, partly because I don’t have to put as much research, time and thought into my posts as on this blog, so it’s not as much pressure. Unlike Facebook, my Instagram is public, so you are welcome to follow me at www dot instagram dot com slash paganheart1701. In any case I have been collecting interesting links for you all over the last month or so.

Why We Swear Oaths – This is a subject that was extremely important to our ancestors, and it is sadly misunderstood and undervalued by both Pagans and the overculture today.

Coincidence Magic

When Communities Break

Galina has some words on the importance of prayer. An older post, but this subject has come up several times lately in my own life.

A Beautiful Labyrinth made of LAVENDER. Oh, I bet the smell is heavenly!!!

You Are How People Know Your God: An important reminder from our Hindu friends.

Depression: Musings on the Endless Struggle – Gods do I relate to this. LOVE this interpretation of one of Thor’s stories!

Taking the Auspices

The Blót – Norse Holidays and Religious Observances

The great mid-winter feast named Þorrablót, in honour of the Nordic G od of thunder – I’m still learning a lot about Ásatrú

11 things to know about the present day practice of Ásatrú, the ancient religion of the Vikings – Published in Iceland Magazine

The hunting of the vétt: in search of the Old Norse shamanic drum

Marcus Aurelius: How to Think Clearly (video)

“Vikings” Composer Einar Selvik on how he makes the Show’s Authentic Nordic Music – Link to a video, REALLY haunting music!

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Happy Lammas to my Wiccan Friends!



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Miasma & Menstruation

Clearing up an perversive misconception in Hellenic Recon circles. And older post, but one that I found while searching for info on this particular subject.

Of Thespiae

This topic comes up pretty frequently, so I’m going to make a post about it that hopefully covers everything in the best ways possible:

Boeotian vase painting with Artemis Boeotian vase painting with Artemis Long story short, it’s actually been concluded that ?while unusual for the Mediterranean in ancient times? the ancient Hellenes didn’t appear to consider menstruation as a producer of miasma, in and of itself. In fact, there are very few mentions of menstruation at all, outside of medical texts ? one of which even suggests sex during menstruation to aid erratic periods (and while this may have nothing to do with irregular periods, many doctors now suggest that sexual intercourse, or at least masturbation during a woman’s period may relieve cramping). In fact, some regions even had a girl’s coming-of-age rites to include sacrificing her first menstrual towels to Artemis.

Now, that said, some women have incredibly painful periods, and that…

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Cassandra card

My friend and one of my absolute favorite Pagan artists ever, Lykeia, is working on an Apollo-themed Oracle deck. She needs donations for supplies, and if you help to sponsor the deck you can get it for a cheaper price than it will be available for afterwards. Depending on how much you donate, you can also get other items like prints of your favorite card’s painting. I am super excited to get my own and I can’t wait for it to be finished! Check out the pictures of the pieces she has already done, and consider contributing.

Beloved in Light

What I consider the other side if the Sibyl card, the Cassandra card is when due to your own actions the blessings of the gods turn against you. To be cast out, to be unheard, and ultimately be consumed and lead to your own destruction.

Please consider being a sponsor for the Oracle of the Serpent 🙂

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My Submission to Galina’s Agon for Saga

Gangleri's Grove

For Saga:
by Owlet

Let the cool waves flow over us
The glimmer of light reflecting on cave walls
The taste of honey and the decaying whispers of generations
It stings and it bites and it is languid like a summer night
A chord that strikes and you feel it vibrating not in air
But in the stuff your soul is made of
They say you are one of the protective goddesses
Oh, how you protect us, Lady!
What would life be without this gift of poetry?
Madness distilled until it is drinkable, flavored with the wisdom of ages
It changes us
Sweet as it goes down, sweet as song and thunder
You and the All-Father and the All-Seeing, All-Knowing, and The Beloved
Drink together
We hail your gift with all we are, with desperate longing,
With satiety and peace beyond all understanding that you bring
Drunk on mysteries and…

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Finding Calm Amidst the Chaos: The Astrology of July 2018

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Originally posted on amor et mortem:
It’s fitting, I suppose, that such a monthly AstroCast post of mine falls on the holiday of the 4th of July here in the United States, a day whose theme of liberation from tyranny…

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Winner of Hebe’s Agon

Wow I won Galina’s June Agon for Hebe!

Gangleri's Grove

Congratulations to Amanda Forrester who won the Hebe Agon with her prayer/poem “To Hebe.” 

I’ll be in touch via email. 

remember folks, July’s Agon is for Saga so if you have prayers, poems, essays or artwork, please don’t hesitate to submit to me via email. First place winner will receive a full set of prayer cards for Frigga and Her retinue and I”ll donate to the charity of his or her choice (within reason – if it’s something I’m morally against, of course, we’ll have to find an agreeable compromise). Everyone else will receive a prayer card for Saga so be sure to include your mailing address when you submit material for the agon.

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