My internet was unexpectedly canceled on me. I have a hotspot, and the hotspot switched carriers without warning so that I didn’t have any signal. I never would have bought if it was on Verizon, because they don’t have signal where I live out in the sticks. We checked to be sure it was on AT & T, which it said it was. We got the hotspot, and it worked beautifully for a week. AFTER I paid for it, they switched from AT&T to Verizon.  Worse, they won’t admit it, and customer service says, “it never could have worked where you live”, when clearly it did for a while!!! Grrr.

When it stopped working, we figured we had used up all our broadband already, and bought more. But that wasn’t it. When we called customer service, they insist that it NEVER worked here, but it DID.


After a lot of arguing, they agreed to refund the amount we had just bought to refill it over the phone. But not the rest, even tho it supposedly “never could have worked at all”. So we spent $140 and only got $40 refunded.




I guess we should have just saved that for the truck. The month in poor decision making! ARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH.

Well, I’m back to only being able to make posts when I’m in town. I might go to only studying 2 Gods per month, at least until we get REAL internet at home. It will make it a little easier to give Them Their due. Which won’t happen until we buy a new car and I get a part-time job. Yes, that is the unfortunate plan now. I had hoped to not get one, but it’s just gotta happen for a while until we get this place up and running. Maybe only 2 years or so. Wish me luck. Better yet, donate to my gofundme for my truck, or just share it, so I can even GET to a job. The more shares, the better. 

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GMC: More on Poseidon

Highest of the gods, lord of the sea, Poseidon of the golden trident,

Earth-shaker in the swelling brine,

Around thee the finny monsters in a ring swim and dance,

With nimble flingings of their feet leaping lightly,

Snub-nosed hounds with bristling neck,

Swift runners, music-loving dolphins,

Sea-nurslings of the Nereis maids divine, whom Amphitrite bore,

Even they that carried me, a wanderer on the Sikelian main,

To the headland of Tainarion in Pelops’ land,

Mounting me upon their humped backs

As they clove the furrow of Nereus’ plain, a path untrodden,

When deceitful men had cast me

From their sea-faring hollow ship

Into the purple swell of sea.

–Hymn of Arion, quoted by Aelian, On Animals 12.45

Poseidon the Horse-Master


The horse was created by Poseidon during His contest with Athena for patronship of Athens. But it was wild and untamed, of no use to man, so Athena won Athens. But it was Athena, ironically, Who invented the bridle and bought Poseidon’s creation to heel. This could be interpreted symbolically, as Poseidon is a primal God of nature not necessarily concerned with mankind, and Athena, symbol of man’s inventiveness, brings Poseidon’s glorious but wild creature under control.

Mircea Eliade, the author of “A History of Religious Ideas” tells us:

His relations with the horse indicate the animal’s importance for the Indo-European invaders. Poseidon is presented as the creator, father, or bestower of horses to mankind.

Now the horse is connected with the infernal [physical] world, and this again brings out the God’s character as “Master of the Earth”. … By becoming exclusively a marine God, Poseidon could retain only such of his original attributes as depended on the sea: capricious power and mastery over the fates of navigators and sailors1.

Poseidon Hippokourios (“Horse-Tender”) has much to teach us. We can learn about the nature of the God from His sacred animal. Horses are revered as a sacred animal the world over. They are powerful, majestic creatures that inspire awe in humans. They are a symbol of freedom and wild sexuality in numerous cultures. Andrews says this about the horse:

Before the horse’s domestication the distances between peoples and societies was great, and there was little interaction. It served humanity in travel, in war, in agriculture, and in most other major areas of life. Today the horse is limited mostly to recreation and agriculture, but its energy is expansive. Because of it, the world has been brought closer together. The horse enabled people to explore and find freedom from the constraints of their own communities. This enabled them to travel and thus discover the multiplicity of life and all its powers. Horses have great appeal to most people. We are fascinated by them, and riding one raises us above the mundane, and renews our sense of power. Riding horses has been likened to flying by more then one poet through the ages2.

I feel that the wild and free spirit of the horse is an apt reflection of the power of Poseidon. Anyone who has stood beside a horse can sense the raw power restrained in its body, the shear sense of massive strength contained and control, but the possibility for it to be unleashed. This is Poseidon: wild, primal, powerful, but carefully contained. Patient. Infinitely patient. No one can stop the tides from coming in.

Marriage to Amphitrite

Amphitrite was the eldest of the Nereids, the daughters of Nereus. However, She is sometimes said to be the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. According to Kerenyi, Her name may come from Amphitriti, meaning “Third One who Encircles” – referring to Her position as one of the Sea-Goddesses, of which there were many. The Romans called referred to Her as Salacia.

When Poseidon saw Her and Her sisters dancing, He fell instantly in love with Her. But when He told Her He wanted to marry Her, She declined and hid. He understood that this was not a time to lose His fearsome temper. Poseidon sent dolphins to find Her, as He knew She was fond of these creatures. One of the dolphins succeeded in locating Her, and he persuaded Her to reconsider Poseidon’s proposal.

Amphitrite changed Her mind and followed the dolphin to Poseidon’s palace at the bottom of the Aegean Sea. To reward the dolphin for His help, Poseidon placed Him among the stars as the constellation Dolphinus. In ancient vase paintings, Amphitrite is depicted as a beautiful young woman, lifting Her hand in a pinching gesture (imitating a lobster), and often carrying a fish – an attribute of most of the paintings of the Nereids. She was usually shown dressed in a short, transparent dress with Her hair enclosed in a net or lobster claws decorating Her hair at the temples.

Her children by Poseidon are Triton (a fish-tailed Sea- God), Benethesikyme (a Sea-Nymph), and all the seals. She is sometimes considered the mother of all sea-life. Classical literature claims that only Amphitrite’s father Nereus, Her husband Poseidon, and Their son Triton could calm the waters. But it should be noted that despite that assertion, Amphitrite was prayed to by Greek sailors for a fair voyage and for the protection of Her favorite animals, the dolphins.

Triton is the son of Poseidon by His wife, Amphitrite. He stilled the ocean’s waves using His couch-shell trumpet. He is usually shown as a long-haired youth with either a fish tail or two dolphin tails. Triton helped Odysseus’s lost crew by pointing out the way to the Mediterranean Sea.

Shameless self-plug: My t-shirt store, Otherworld Creations, sells a Triton t-shirt in the “Greek and Roman” section. Sorry, I still need money to buy a truck. Feel free to spread the link to my store around the internet!

1 Mircea Eliade. A History of Religious Ideas: Volume One – From the Stone Age to the Eleusinian Mysteries. translated by Willard R. Trask, University of Chicago Press, 1978. page 265

2Andrews, Ted. Animal Speak: the Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small. Lllwellyn Publications. 2004. St. Paul, Minnesota. page 283.

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I got published in a Pagan literary journal!

I got 2 poems published in the first issue of a new Pagan literary journal! Available here, information below:

“The inaugural issue of the new journal published by the Salt Lake Pagan Society, Enheduanna contains 28 authors from many Pagan traditions living across the world. With poetry, book reviews, short stories, essays, and memoirs, volume 1 is packed full of spectacular new content from brilliant writers. The highlight of the journal is the first part in a five part series of the memoir of a gay activist fae who was at the 20th anniversary of the the Stonewall Riots in New York City in 1989.

Featuring famous Pagan authors: Druid Philip Carr-Gomm, head of OBOD; Druid Ellen Evert Hopman, co-founder of the Order of WhiteOak; and author Raven Digitalis, co-founder of Opus Aima Obscuræ (OAO)

Contains English, Spanish, and Japanese Languages. Paperback book.”

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Elections, State Religions, and Dying Empires

Well, here in America, its Voting Day. In a few hours we’ll know who the new President is, and one way or another it’ll be a historic one, either the first woman President or the first reality-TV star President. For the record I don’t like either of them at all, but I’m actually not going to get side-tracked talking about or bashing either of them. And I should note that I reserve the right to not approve any excessively political comments that don’t address the topic of this post; this blog is not focused on politics and I usually make a point of avoiding subjects that are too divisive. This blog is dedicated to the Gods and Their modern worship, and I want our Gods, spirits, and heroes to be its focus. Politics is usually a distraction from what’s important, our spirituality and our relationship with the Deities. It is also a way to tear people apart and make them fight each other when we are really more alike than we think we are, and therefore damages our relationship with our fellow man as well.

No, I’m mentioning Voting Day for another reason. There was a time, not too long ago, that I was attempting to create my own American version of the State Religion of Rome. I prayed and sacrificed on Voting Day, invoking the protection of Zeus over the election itself. When the event was over, I prayed for the new President to rule wisely, whether it was the President I wanted or not. I burned incense to the daimon or genius of our President, asking that the Gods guide him and that he make wise and just decisions for the good of the country. I also made Inauguration Day and the State of the Union Address religious holidays. I don’t anymore. I’ve gotten bitter. I’ve given up on making an American State Cultus.

Over time I have become increasingly jaded and less political. While I still love my country, but I love the land and the people (kinda). I can’t really stomach anything having to do with the government anymore. Even a great deal of the people, sadly, have jaded me. Our entire western society has something wrong with it, something deeply sick at its core. Doesn’t this year feel like the world is whirling towards an apocalypse? Or at least something disastrous, like civil war? It seems like everything is falling apart. There were even some terrorists shooting people at the polls in L.A., several people were wounded and one died. This is why I live in the woods, folks.

Pray for us.

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On the Nature of Truth and Bravery

A few months ago The Wild Hunt shared an interview with a Pagan from Turkey, whose name obviously had to be changed for his or her own safety. While most of us Pagans in the US won’t have to face that level of fear, we still are not the norm or default in our society, and in many places have no-where near the acceptance that more “mainstream” religions have. When someone asks if I am“religious”, it’s often easier to respond with a lie than the truth, if only because it is less time-consuming than having to explain what Paganism is! I have a personal policy of never lying about my religion, which I recognize is a privilege of living in America. But I have bent the truth, many, many times. Each time I felt shame afterwards, and debated within myself whether it was truly necessary, or if I just did it because it was easier. My personal situation is complicated by the fact that I have an anxiety disorder, and so my lizard brain can sometimes perceive danger when in fact there is none.

Once, I was reading a Bibliotheca Alexandria devotional at the laundry mat. Someone asked me what I was reading, and I said it was a book about Greek mythology. Not a lie, it was sort of true. But clearly, not the whole truth at all. I considered being a little more forthright and engaging this person in a discussion about Paganism and opening her world a little, but decided against it. Not 10 minutes before, she had been talking to someone about a local gay man who had been jumped and beaten. He was not hurt severely, but I knew him, at least peripherally, and the incident had of course upset me to a great degree. The other people she had been talking to had said he probably deserved it for “running his mouth”, whatever the hell that means. And she had laughed. She had agreed! How could I have honestly engaged with this person? I had heard the hateful crap she had been been saying about gay people just a few moments before. What were the chances she’d be more open-minded about Pagans? Lately, I think about this incident a lot when I have to make a decision that outs me, or not. Its a balancing act between wanting to educate and be proud of my Gods and my path, and wanting to live a life of peace and safety. Admittedly my safety is usually not in danger, but peace can be. Things are getting better, but this is still the Bible Belt. I play my cards close to the vest for a while

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“Radical” Muslims destroy Hindu temples and violate Hindu homes during Diwali.

I used to avoid anything at all that had even a whiff of conflict … I’m tired. The world seems like it wants to implode sometimes. There is a reason I like in woods, folks. But I believe this is important, Muslims are attacking polytheists all over the world and we need to stand with our Hindu brothers and sisters. This sacrilege and terroristic attacks on polytheist temples and HOMES is sickening.

Gangleri's Grove

Muslims violated the festival of Diwali this past weekend, destroying 15 Hindu temples and 200 Hindu homes. 

See article here and here for the full story. 

hindu-temples I hope that those affected by this vile desecration of their sacred spaces, Gods, and festival take appropriate action. 

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Reposting Thoughts on Sacrifice — Gangleri’s Grove

I’ve been thinking a lot about sacrifice lately. Yule is approaching and that is a time where I often give appropriate sacrifices to Odin and it’s time to start thinking about what the winter will entail, and to start making the necessary preparations should animal sacrifice be part of that. I take the necessity and goodness […]

via Reposting Thoughts on Sacrifice — Gangleri’s Grove

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