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Round-Up of Interesting Links

Interesting Norse folklore: the huldra A fantastic argument that Yggdrasil, the World Tree, was meant to be represented by a yew, and not an ash tree as I had previously thought (I’m not sure which is the more common belief … Continue reading

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Daily Devotions

If I could name a single habit/routine that I have put effort into changing this year that has had the most positive effect on my life and my mental health, it hasn’t been eating better or losing weight. Those are … Continue reading

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Apollo Devotional, He Who Rules with Honey, still taking Submissions

via Call for Submissions

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Shield of Wisdom will be re-opening for submissions on September first!

Neos Alexandria will finally, finally be getting around to the Athena devotional over here! Whoop Whoop! And we have decided that we will be taking pieces for Minerva as well (yes, I’m still co-editing it). We are hoping for a … Continue reading

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Submission to Agon for Anteros

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
To Anteros By Amanda Artemisia Forrester O Anteros, You are sung to far less often than Your golden brother, But You are no less great than He Who the Romans called Cupid. Ever-youthful, butterfly-winged,…

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Round-up of Interesting Links

So I know I have not been blogging much. I have been very inward focused lately, working on improving myself and staying balanced and stable, improving my health and neglected skills, and my relationships with the Gods. If you’re a … Continue reading

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Miasma & Menstruation

Originally posted on Of Thespiae:
This topic comes up pretty frequently, so I’m going to make a post about it that hopefully covers everything in the best ways possible: Boeotian vase painting with Artemis Long story short, it’s actually been…

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