Spring break Update

Spring has sprung here in the Midwest. Snow has melted and the birds are flocking to the feeders in my yard. We are still supposed to have some ups and downs, but I think the worst of it is over. It’s still rainy, but to me the rain is far less bleak. Soon, soon, the world with be a lush green again, because Persephone has ascended from the underworld, joined Her mother Demeter, and becomes the Spring Maiden again.

Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, was last Sunday. I wish I had been able to do more involved rituals, but my week was taken up by my med tech training at work. My boss was kind enough to plan it around my school schedule. As always, I still do my DAILY prayers and meditations, every morning. Those are a priority and never change. Mother Nature cooperated, and the weather was beautiful and sunny, so I went to the zoo as my celebration of spring. I spent most of my time hanging out with the tigers. I realized later that it’s the Chinese Year of the Tiger, so this is apparently the engery of the year. All big cats belong to Dionysos in the Hellenism, and Freja in Heathenry. I visited the hawks too, but the Tigers I sat on a chair and just watched them. The other guests kept refering to the tigers as “him” but they are girls, a pair of sisters. I almost meditately tried to commune with the tigers, but they were not interested in speaking with me. So I watched from afar and I prayed before and afterwards. Now that I type this, I wish that I had taken libations to pour, or some sort of offering. I did make a small donation, and that is an offering of sorts. Ah well, lesson learned.  I loved it, and I’m considering getting a membership. When I lived in Tucson, my brother and I had a family membership to the Reid Zoo, and went there to hang out with the critters when we were down. It was an instant mood-booster. We have less capybaras here. I suppose the Midwest weather does not agree with them.

My midterm grades were a B and C, but I can probably drag that Chemistry grade up to another B. I am such a perfectionist, that part of me wants to drop out if I can’t get an A, and retake the class. But that’s a terrible strategy to actually graduate, not to mention costly. No one cares if you have a 4.0 gpa but never finished! I have to be okay with being a solid B student with a few As and a few Cs. 

I deleted several of my social media accounts. Some of them permanently. Facebook I am probably just taking a temporary break from. I have not decided yet. But Reddit I am leaving permanently.  It’s depressing and miasmic and a horrible timesuck. I write more when I’m not on social media. For me, that’s reason enough to not have much of a social media presence. I haven’t figured out how to delete Instagram, but I haven’t posted there in forever. My WordPress and my YouTube I am keeping. Those are actual creative platforms, where I do more than post memes and get in pointless arguments (usually). I think Facebook will be deactivated for another month, at least. It takes 30 days to build a habit but I’m not sure if it takes 30 days to break one.

I’m not wrapping up this ending well, but to be honest, I don’t care much. I’m tired and cranky and I have too much to do. This is the end of my Spring Break update.


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