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Songs of Praise

Amanda Artemisia Forrester (formerly Amanda Sioux Blake), the Hellenic poet and devotee of Athena who authored Ink In My Veins: a Collection of Contemporary Pagan Poetry, returns with another volume of heartfelt poetry. This book is dedicated to the Gods of Greece, Who are alive and active in the modern world. These hymns are prayers from a modern worshiper of the Pagan Gods, and stories that span the marketplace of Athens and the Arcadian forest of 3,000 years ago into the contemporary era. Both devoted worshipers of the Gods and the simply curious will enjoy this journey into the Pagan heart. Join the author in a rediscovery of the old Gods in the New World.”

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[Due to a slight misprint causing the table of contents to be a few pages off, Songs of Praise will be discounted from $18.99 to $15.99. In 3-6 weeks the book will be re-released with the corrections at the full price of $18.99. So get it now! Maybe one day the misprinted editions will be more valuable, who knows?]

Ink In My Veins

This book represents a very personal journey, but one that all can relate too. The role of a poet is too allow themselves to be vulnerable enough to share what others would hide. These poems offer insight into some of my darkest moments, into my highest flights of ecstasy and passion, and into the writer’s struggle.
Written over a period of eight years and in various styles, they tell very personal stories. Yet the themes are universal. Who among us has not loved with all their heart, has not mourned a loss or felt alone?
From hymns to the Deathless Gods, to musings on first loves, death…

Get it here.

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