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I realize I’m repeating myself, but returning to the “satanification” of Set and other Pagan divinities by Satanists, Chaos Magicians, and other esotericists who are coming from that particular corner of the Western occult tradition. These people have every right to their beliefs, of course, but let’s be intellectually honest here; Set is not Satan, […]

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Sigh – “If you have any engagement with the Gods you’re mentally ill.” WHAT?????

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I’m afraid I’m going to be very blunt here, because in thirty years of teaching and serving as clergy, I have never seen such utter garbage spreading like wildfire throughout our respective communities as I do now, not even when I first became Heathen (and believe me, the level…

I know I have been absent from WordPress for quite a while. I won’t bore you with the details of my life right now, but I had to share this incredible channeled message. I’m on my lunch break at work, and reading this has just blown me away. So much to think about…….

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Abortion and Heathen Morality

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Tyr is the god of the law, the god of honour, the god of peace and justice.  All of these things come from his ordeal, his choice, and his path; accepting the cost.  Tyr offered his sword arm and thus his status as champion and warrior as security to Fenris Wolf…

It is my personal opinion that despite it being a largely secular cultural holiday these days, no Pagan or Polytheist should participate in Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. It explicitly celebrates the destruction of paganism in Ireland. Why would any Pagan celebrate that?

I do not celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, which is a day of holy obligation for Catholics in Ireland (as well as revered by a few other Christian denominations). Why would I, a heathen, celebrate a 5th Century Saint whose mission in life was to turn pagans from their Gods and ancestral ways? If he lived […]

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One of my biggest pet peeves, in the interfaith community and some parts of the pagan community, is this tendency to use vague terms in prayers and offerings: Oh Spirit, Great Lady, Oh Goddess… 🤦‍♂️ Which one? Be specific. Not only could you inadvertently be giving offerings and prayers to some entity you didn’t intend […]

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Pagans and Money

I was going to include these in my next Round-Up of Interesting Links, but I decided that TP Ward’s posts on the theme of Pagans and money deserves its own entire intro. It deserves to be considered on its own. Pagans have an interesting, complicated relationship with money. I’ve seen Pagans drop hundreds of dollars…