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Tribal Jarawa Society Facing Abuse and Extinction

The genesis of this article came about when I read “Jarawa Hunter-Gatherers Say They Don’t Want to Be a Part of Our World”, which addresses the problems facing a remote tribe that lives on an island off of the coast … Continue reading

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Disabled Veterans: Who stands on guard for them?

Originally posted on mainer74:
Who stands on guard for them? In our anthem, we proudly offer the promise, of true patriot love, to stand on guard for thee.  Now I ask the question, for the sons and daughters who take…

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Round-up of Interesting Links

The Uncomfortable Animism of Cars These comics are hilarious. Heart vs Brain   Some important and interesting thoughts from a long conversation about miasma and the modern world Everyday Struggles of Your Organs The Need for Pagan Homelands: This article has … Continue reading

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PRODUCT REVEIW: Uni (Hera) Anointing Oil From Lykeia’s Botanica – 5 stars!

I really love to have ritual items and icons that were crafted by other Polytheists, because you know that love for the Gods were poured into it during its creation. That love and devotion has it’s own energy, and it … Continue reading

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Announcing: Agon for Apollon

Originally posted on Bearing His Light:
Who may enter?  Any writer or artist (of any caliber and any medium) may enter this agon.  I will eat the shipping charges to wherever you live if you win.  Good luck! What can…

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Athena Artistic Agon in April, and Call for Submissions for Athena Devotional

Originally posted on Never Unmindful:
In honor of Athena, I am running an artistic contest. Submissions to the agon in any Internet-suitable artistic medium?poetry, photography, sketches, skit scripts, and so forth?are welcome. Please email them to alexeigynaix at gmail dot…

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Traditional Korean Polytheism in Danger (like all traditional polytheisms)

Wow. This is a incredible video that bought tears to my eyes. Very sad. Glad someone is shining a light on this problem.

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