Second Submission to Persephone’s Agon

My submission to Galina Krasskova’s Persephone Agon

Gangleri's Grove

by Amanda Artemisia Forrester

Hail to You, Silent One, Nameless One!
Beautiful flower, with a steel core
Who walks the sunlit paths of the world above
And the ghostly roads below
Only You can live in both worlds
Only You can taste of the forbidden fruit of the dead
And return to Above to Your sun-kissed Mother
Only You hold sway over the heart of Death Himself
Only You can temper the wrath of Haides, the Host of Many
Lady of Both Worlds, we hail You now
As You prepare to go below,
Taking Your place beside Your dark Husband once more
Summer is done, the cold winds blow, and Winter is on it’s way
This is the time for You to shed Your skin of Kore, Lady of Flowers,
And become again Persephone, Queen of Shades
I hail You now, Savior of the Dead, merciful Mistress of the…

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Hymn for Freyja

A very nice, evocative hymn to Freyja.

Dances with Tricksters

Freyja blooms with the wildflowers, green and rose
golden light crowns the Vanadis’ flaxen head, radiant
as dawn as her toes shine with the light of Vanaheim,
amber Brisingamen at her milk and cream breast sparkles
she is the sow, the dun cow full of butter, mead, barley,
fruitful in this vision of wandering Mardoll, Syr is sweet
as honeysuckle breeze, wheat bends and bows to its Queen,
oh Lady of Folkvangr, hail your blessed dead and riders
that circle the Wild Hunt sky, your tears shed brassy
brilliance and blossom into lovers tussling in the hay.

Hail Freyja! Hail Ingvi’s Bride-Twin! Hail the Wife of Odr!
Hail Mother of the Girl Treasures, Gersemni and dear Hnossa!
Hail wandering sea-born Mardoll! Hail Rider of the Hunt!
Hail Queen of the Valkyries! Hail the Lady of Vanaheim!

My heart is in your bountiful hands, my mistress, sweet
as your smile, and…

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I’m not dead. Yeah, I know. I’m sorry. I keep saying that I’ll do stuff and then I don’t. I’ve been fighting depression this summer, and dealing with the government, earlier this year I had bad/stalking neighbors to deal with (they are finally gone, both of them, THANK THE GODS!!!) and other stuff that just led to me retreating into one of my most reliable happy places: Middle-Earth (the other is Star Trek). Yes I spent all summer with my head buried in Lord of the Rings/the Hobbit movies, books, and fanfiction. SIGH. Anyway I am trying to get back on the horse here.

Homestead News: I have a breeder pair of rabbits now. They were given to me by a neighbor but after months of them doing the bunny-business and no babies, I had to conclude that one of them is sterile. Yes they are both plenty old enough to get preggers, and didn’t. So I ate the boy and got another one, this one a proven sire who has had many kits. So if in a month or so she still isn’t pregnant, then I’ll have to get another female and she’ll become stew. Yes, I’m so terrible of a homesteader that I’m having difficulty getting RABBITS to breed!!!! Heh. Animal husbandry is not as simple as some would have you believe.

Pagan Book News: Still planning on co-editing the Athena devotional for Neos Alexandria starting in October, so go ahead and send me your submissions. I’m looking for poetry, essays, personal experiences, rituals and recipes, translations, fictional stories, anything involving our dear gray-eyed Lady!

God of the Month Club News: I can’t keep up with doing 3 Gods a month. I just can’t. As much as I like having one from each of my Pantheons, I just can’t keep that up all the time. Some months I can handle the work load, and others I just can’t which leads to me doing nothing at all. So, sadly, I’m reducing myself to one God a month so I can give Them the attention they deserve. I will cycle through the Pantheons, so that there will be 4 Norse Gods, 4 Egyptian, and 4 Greco-Roman Gods in a year.

Since I failed the last three so badly I’m going to start with Heimdall. So when I get back to the GMC posts expect that first one to be on Heimdall, and then the month after that will be either an Egyptian or a Greek/Roman month. We’ll see which one gets chosen when that time comes, and then I’ll stick to that pattern afterwards.

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Sacred Power Grid (Or: Spirits are Weird)

Wow. Fascinating article. Very interesting thoughts.


This is not about crystal energy grids or such. I’m literally talking about the power grid (power plants and transmission lines and so on) and its place in my religious practice.

I’ve always been a good tech-obsessed 90’s kid. I grew up fixing appliances, ruining reverse-engineering any VCR or phone that gave up the ghost; I inherited a Sega Genesis and became forevermore addicted to video games. A few robots and programming languages came along with time. Technology was growing up alongside me, and I needed to know how it ticked.

My first experience of the Other was therefore not with Hermes or with land spirits (although they were next). It was, in fact, with the local power transmission station.

Obligatory advisory NOT to go near a transmission station, because I don’t want you to die of high voltage and I also don’t want you to endanger a utility worker or…

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Hootigägli Howdown on Tumblr

Gangleri's Grove

Apparently Emily Kamp, this month’s “Polytheistic Voices” interviewee, is getting a bit of harassment on her tumblr page because she was interviewed by me. Really pathetic, folks, but unsurprising (though I constantly marvel at the lack of nuanced reading comprehension in some of my critics. Wow. There are resources that can help you, folks, really. I’d look into that if I were you. I can hunt up a list of organizations that focus on increasing literacy if you like).

At any rate, one of the criticisms is that I apparently “devalued the Holocaust” by comparing it to “willing conversions.” Firstly, buttercups, I never said anything about the Holocaust. I said, if I recall correctly, that the destruction of our traditions, the destruction of our shrines, temples, groves, and sacred places, the forced conversion and religious genocide that occurred as a consequence of monotheism, specifically of Christianity marching through Europe and…

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Submission to Loki Agon

My submission to Galina’s Loki Agon

Gangleri's Grove

To Loki
by Amanda Forrester

My head is on fire.
I can see it all –
The threads of destiny, of wyrd, coming together,
I see the ghastly fate of my sons,
I feel the bindings tying me to the boulder
I see the red, weeping eyes of my loyal wife
Holding the bowl above me.
And I see all the worlds consumed in fire and ice
When I (at last!) make my escape.

My head is on fire.
I can feel the venom even now.
Still, I do not try to avoid that future, but do what must be done.
And so a dart of mistletoe seals my fate
As surely as it did Balder’s.

My head is on fire.
I saw it all, knew it’s coming,
But also that it must be done.
I told my blood-brother so.

My lips were sewn shut not because I lie,

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Round-up of Interesting Links

A Single Catholic Priest was Responsible for Destroying the Entire Mayan Written Language! Horrible. Considering Da’esh’s actions in the Middle East towards any reminders of their Pagan past, it’s also a sobering lesson.

Ruins of Viking Settlement Discovered Near Hudson River in New York State

Artemis, Artumes, Nemi, Diana Lucifera and Witchcraft

Twitter Bot Posts How Real People Died in Medieval England, taken from Coroner Reports. And it’s every bit as amazing as it sounds.

A Review of God Against the Gods

It actually takes closer to 66 days to form a new habit, not 21 as most people think. Although there are variations in people some taking longer and some not.

Devotional Street Art: Interview with Markos Gage

Artist Replaces White Men with Black Women in the Creation of Adam painting, and it’s BEAUTIFUL

91 year old who skipped chemo to go on End of Life Road Trip dies. Good for her for going out on her own terms. Death is the only certainty in life, and avoiding it at the price of quality of life is tragic.

An AI invented a bunch of new paint colors that HILARIOUSLY wrong. I think my favorite names are “Turdly” and “Stanky Bean”, followed closely by“Dorkwood”, and “Stargoon”.

Heathen Woman Who Stands for the Fallen: a tribute to the woman who fought for Heathen soldiers to be buried under the sign of Thor’s Hammer

Of Wuduwāsan and Wild Men: A fascinating study of wildmen like the satyr, fauni, silvanus, leshy and woodwose.

Birds As Omens and Signs

Large Viking Camp Discovered in England – is this from the invasion of the Great Heathen Army?

How to Part Out a Whole Chicken – an important skill for homesteaders and preppers, or anybody who wants to save money by buying whole chickens instead of pre-cut chicken.


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