Lord of the Carnelian Temple is now published!

Hey everybody, I’m alive. I’m good. I wonder what the astrology is like right now, because the last 6 months has been some intense transformation in all areas of my life. Anyway trying to get back on the horse here! BA has several new devotionals out, but I’m most excited about the devotional to Sobek! Planning on ordering it next month! Check it out!

Per Sebek

After almost a year of hard work, and some wonderful amazing contributors, we have finally got the Sobek Devotional published! ❤

It is now available to purchase here: https://neosalexandria.org/bibliotheca-alexandrina/current-titles/devotionals/lord-of-the-carnelian-temple-a-devotional-in-honor-of-sobek/

Please go and support this amazing book, and see what a wonderful devotional we’ve created for Sobek. ❤

Share this far and wide, and spread this to any Sobek devotees you know. ❤

Dua Sobek! Nekhtet! 😀

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We are being drowned

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Did anybody else notice that the Festival of the Marriage of Zeus and Hera falls on VALENTINE’S DAY this year????? It’s a good thing I don’t have an significant other, so they can’t get offended when I say I’m going to spend the day with the Gods instead  of them.

zeus and Hera

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My submission to Galina’s Sigyn Poetry Agon

There’s a still a couple of hours left (ends at 9PM EST), so hurry over if you want to leave a submission of your own.


To the Lady of Endurance
by Amanda Artemisia Forrester

Some may find it strange
That You are named Victory Woman
When You have endured so much pain
The death of Your sons
The imprisonment of Your beloved Husband
Starvation and cold that You suffer at His side
As You hold the bowl over His head
Catching the poison as it
Into eternity
Until the final day comes
When Loki will be released
The dead rise
And the worlds will end.
But still You stay by His side,
Through the tears have long since dried on Your fair cheeks.
Those who think it strange have not endured pain and loss as we have
My small pains may not compare to Yours, sweet Lady,
But I understand that just continuing to stand tall is a Victory
When You have lost so much.
Sigyn, Mourning Mother,
May my humble prayers comfort You in Your pain.
Sigyn, Lady of Constancy,
May I have but a fraction of Your endurance
To face my own meager troubles.
Sigyn of the Cave,
Let me hold the bowl for You,
For just a few minutes.

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Quick Update

So, Life Be Crazy.

Yes, I continue to live and breath. I had to move. The homesteading went bust. I’m planning on writing a much longer post about why I failed at this attempt, and what people who want to homestead themselves can learn from my failure. The gist is that we bit off more than we could chew, and my brother was not honest with himself about his physical abilities and what he could handle. There will be more details coming in the next few weeks. But my brother and I have gone our separate ways for the next few years. He is staying in Missouri, although we no longer own the land and he moved into an apartment a few days ago. Myself and the dogs moved back in with my old roommate in Indiana. I’ve lived in this particular house for 8 or 9 years now, at various times. It’s really weird, it’s the closest I have to a home to go back to. Other people have parents, I don’t have that, but I have my friend and this place, so I’m still blessed. Especially because finding a place to live with 2 mid-sized dogs can be a challenge sometimes.

Unfortunately, the Athena devotional has YET AGAIN been put on hold. My co-editor is also going through some crazy life re-adjustment at this time, so with the Editor of Neos Alexandria it was decided that it was best to push it back yet again. Sadly.

BUT, I have a file on my computer where I am still saving submissions, and I save them on my email and GoogleDocs (just in case my laptop dies – don’t want to lose all my writing again, now I back up in as many places as possible!!!). So, although there is no official date anymore, if you want to send your submissions for Shield of Wisdom to me at amandaforrester1701@gmail.com, feel free to do so.

In the meantime, may I wish I joyous Lenaia to my Hellenic friends and a Happy Candlemas/Imbolc to the Wiccans!

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Polytheist vs. [Neo]Pagan

I think of myself as both Polytheist and Pagan. Polytheist is a FAR better and more descriptive term, but sadly, I’ve found many people in real life who don’t know what it means. Which says something about the state of our educational system in general (a whole ‘nother discussion). The worst thing is when atheists try to take over and mock devotion within Paganism, to the point where I, like many others, am almost at the point of giving up the word. Which really pisses me off that I’m put in that position in the first place. But it’s mostly because I don’t want there to be any confusion; I’m a Polytheist because I believe that the Gods exist, physically, really, outside-of-me, and They are more than archetypes. I’m tired of people assuming that I’m Pagan because I saw The Craft (did I just date myself? lol) and I just want cool awesome magik power.

Gangleri's Grove

Last week an academic friend and colleague, who is soon to be teaching a class on Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire, asked me a rather complicated question. My friend L. plans to include a brief survey of contemporary Pagan and Polytheistic religions as part of the course, to show that these traditions did not completely disappear but continue to have import and impact in the modern day. As prep for the course, L. asked me, “What is the difference between Pagan (or Neo-pagan) and Polytheist?” I had previously mentioned that use of these terms is somewhat political and charged in our communities.(1) Here is what I told my colleague.

“Oh, it’s such a mess. 

The two words, in my opinion, should be synonymous but in today’s communities, they’re not. Polytheist means someone who believes in and venerates the Gods as individual, Holy beings. The logical and necessary corollary…

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Powerful. Heartrending.

I sit in class and listen to my professor a kind, erudite, and educated man call my gods ‘stupid’. To the south a man lays down his life when Christians demand he desecrate his shrines. I sit in classes and argue with seminarians who tell me polytheists never had theology And in Syria a girl […]

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