Meet the Templekeeper

Amanda Artemisia Forrester is the keeper of the Temple of Athena the Savior, Alexandrian Tradition, and the author of Ink In My Veins: A Collection of Contemporary Pagan Poetry, Songs of Praise: Hymns to the Gods of Greece and Doing Ma’at: A Short Primer on Greco-Egyptian Ethics. She is currently working on the forthcoming Journey to Olympos: A Modern Spiritual Odyssey.

She spends most of her time reading, writing, drawing, worshiping the Gods, working on her many projects, and caring for the far too many animals that find their way to her home.

She is currently trying to figure out WTF to do with her life since the homesteading didn’t work out.

6 Responses to Meet the Templekeeper

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  3. The Roman Revivalist says:

    hey! I know you through instagram and I found your wordpress :p I always wondered what got you into greco-roman polytheism? and homesteading?

    • Hi there! I think I have always been Pagan. I was raised Christian, but from a young age I would sometimes feel or sense a Godly Presence surrounding me, loving me, protecting me, especially during my dark moments, and this Presence felt FEMALE. My mother told me it was a guardian angel. But that didn’t feel like the right description at all. I knew that it felt much more powerful than that, that ‘angel’ just wasn’t the right word, but,I didn’t have the vocabulary or experience to understand or explain it. A few years later I started to read the Greek myths and something in my soul sang when I heard the name “Athena”. I didn’t realize that people actually worshipped these Gods until I was 14, but I was always in love with Them and it didn’t take much for me to get there.

      As for homesteading, that’s much more complex, and I’d rather just refer you to my 3-part series “Why I Decided To Homestead” instead of trying to both condense it and then type it all out here. So here’s a link to Part One of that series of posts, if you don’t mind my copping out on that question. 😉

  4. Michele Akkerman says:

    It is so interesting that your path to Hellenism began in a manner similar to mine. I was raised in and practiced Greek Orthodoxy, but as a child my grandmother introduced me to Greek mythology, and I immediately felt an attachment to Athena, as did you. Over the years I felt something was missing in my religious beliefs and practices and realized that a stronger emphasis on the female aspect of divinity was lacking. So in the past year I began looking into pagan worship that focused on Goddesses– lunar esbats, Athena, and Hecate (especially in regards to the Dark Moon). I still retain Christian worship, partly because I don’t want to upset my family, and partly because of the ritual aspects of Orthodoxy and veneration of the Virgin Mary. Thank you for your descriptions and explanations of Hellenistic worship that I will begin to use.

  5. Geoffrey Brooks says:

    I am a pensioner, baptized as Evangelical but now living in a Catholic country. I worship the Immaculate Conception at home to the exclusion of all others (Mariolatry). During the last several months I have discovered certain information leading me to believe that the Virgin is Athena returned and will reveal Herself to all in due course. It is simply a matter of putting together three substantiated reports. I would like to know how to proceed from here or whether I should keep the information to myself.

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