What is Artemis Acres?

Artemis Acres is a Pagan-run homestead in rural Missouri. Right now it is mostly woods and still needs some of it to be cleared. Our goal is to live in harmony with nature, using permaculture to support ourselves; working with the land instead of against it. We want to raise our own animals for meat, eggs, milk, and wool, as well as grow our own vegetables, fruit, etc. The first few years we just have to get the land to support us. The permanent residents of Artemis Acres Homestead are myself and my brother.

But eventually the goal is to have retreats and rituals out here, serving the Pagan community. When I was living in South Bend, Indiana, I ran the Temple of Athena the Savior out of my home. I’d like to reestablish the Temple out here on the land, with a Temple building set back into the woods for worship. There’s going to be a multitude of shrines available for pilgrimage as well, which I will tend year-round (a few are already in the process of being built or added to). I’d like to teach my classes again, not just the Pagan classes about religion, mythology, and classics, but also permaculture and homesteading weekend workshops. 2 years is the shortest time it will be until we could begin to hold weekend or week-long retreats, but depending on how things go it could as many as 5 years.

Eventually (10 years or more down the line), I’m seriously considering having 3-5 extra small cabins dotting the landscape, ready to take in people who need a place to stay. I’ve been homeless several times in my life, and its a hard thing to recover from. To be a homeless Pagan is to be doubly marginalized. Most homeless shelters are run by Christians, and many requiring church attendance to receive assistance. I know from experience that this can be deadening to the soul. It’s hard enough to lose everything. Not being able to practice your faith makes it even more difficult and heartbreaking. Here, at Artemis Acres, homeless Pagans would have time to get back on their feet, but not have to hide who they are. They could practice and pray to their Gods without fear of reprisal or being kicked out of the shelter, because many fellow Pagans would be here! Well-behaved cats and dogs would also be welcome, since losing the family pet is often one of the hardest parts of being homeless. 5 acres would not be able to support a lot of people, so there would have to be a limit to how many I could take in.

Alternatively, I could also take interns who want to work on the homestead to learn. We want to grow an abundance of healthy, organic food for ourselves and our neighbors. Any surplus would be donated to local food banks to share with the larger community. All the details for this particular plan are not fully worked out yet. I should be clear that part is a long, long way away. I’m planning on living on this land for the rest of my life, and there are many, many plans and projects that can happen in that time. There are many adjoining plots next to my land. And when this one is paid off, we’d like to buy another to expand the property. Whatever happens I want to be of service to my Gods and my community as we go forward and reconstruct our traditions in the modern world. I’m looking beyond the individual, beyond the family, and to what our community could become in a decade, a century, a millennium. And I want to support and be a part of that.


What You Can Do To Help

The sooner my brother and I are able to fully support ourselves on our land, the sooner we’ll be able to start hosting Pagan retreats and hopefully to move unto even bigger projects. If you would like to support the Artemis Acres Homestead, there are several ways you can do so. You can send a donation directly to my PayPal account at amandaforrester1701@gmail.com

Another thing that you can do, if you’d like to be aware of exactly what your money is going towards, is to purchase something on our Amazon wishlist, Artemis Acres Needs. I have the items priority marked as what is most important and what would just be nice. Many things have explanations on them for why we need them and what projects we will use them for. For example, we’d love to get an above ground pool, not for swimming or recreation, but to raise whitefish such as tilipia and catfish, mussels, and even crawdads. This is far, far cheaper than digging a pond where there isn’t one, and easier to maintain, although it does require some basic aquatics equipment. There are also smaller items, such as screws, paracord, and emergency medical supplies, in case you really want to contribute but don’t have a lot of cash. Believe me, we go through screws like crazy out here, with all our projects, and every little bit helps!

Sometime next month, my brother will have his own cabin delivered here. This is a huge step forward in the services I’ll be able to offer. When I can completely control my immediate environment again, I’ll be able to get back into step with doing divination and the Chinese astrology horoscopes I used to do. For now, I’ll just offer my services related to writing, prayer, and ritual. When I am back in the swing of things and feel the time is right, I’ll start offering divination again.


Services I offer

Commissioned Hymn: a prayer to a Deity of your choice

If for some reason I can’t write for a particular Deity, I’ll return your money.

I’ve never had this happen, but it could be possible.


Research Essay: on an subject of your choice, as long as it is related to the subjects of Paganism, Polytheism and its modern practice, ancient history, or homesteading and permaculture. These essays I write, especially the God of the Month Club ones, take HOURS of research and sifting through many, many sources. It is a labor of love that I offer for free to the community, but it IS work, a LOT of work. If there is a specific subject that interests you that I have not addressed, I’d be happy to do so for a small fee, which would help to support the homestead.


Prayer and offering: on your behalf. Most of this cost would be going towards the offerings required for proper ritual. If you have a special request it may cost more.


Payment may be sent via Paypal to me at amandaforrester1701@gmail.com



Is there anything else you’d like to see,

whether services or products?

Shoot me an email to make suggestions!