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A Solstice Story

Burning Helios, the All-Seeing Sun, Is dead. He sleeps in the arms of Persephone this night. The cold winds blow tonight. The world belongs to Nyx, primordial Mother Night, Who existed before even Gaia was born. The cold winds howl, … Continue reading

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Reblog: The Connections Between Yule Traditions and the Santa Claus Mythos

Originally posted on Wyrd Designs:
Most Pagans are quite familiar with the fact that many of the so-called ‘Christmas’ traditions have their origins from ancient polytheistic cultures and their festivities such as Saturnalia, Yule etc. This even includes Santa Claus.…

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January celebrations from “365 Goddess”

  The following is a selection of the daily Goddess-centered exercises and rituals from Patricia Telesco’s “365 Goddess: a Daily Guide to the Magic and Inspiration of the Goddess”. My festival calendar is already quite crowded, so I won’t be … Continue reading

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Merry Yule

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Winter Solstice Tomorrow

So tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. After tomorrow night, the days will slowly get longer, the nights shorter. The dark half of the year will flee, and we will have hope and light to … Continue reading

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North-man at Yule

Originally posted on mainer74:
I am a North-man.  If you are thinking horned helms and swords, you are watching too much TV.  I mean I am a man of the north, a man who has lived a lot of my…

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