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Star Trek for Pagans: Klingon religion across the Series(es), Part 2 of 3

This is your only SPOILER WARNING for this article. I will be going very deeply into these episodes, so don’t read if you haven’t seen them and want to be surprised. Significant episodes that deserve a more in-depth discussion TNG: … Continue reading

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Disabled Veterans: Who stands on guard for them?

Originally posted on mainer74:
Who stands on guard for them? In our anthem, we proudly offer the promise, of true patriot love, to stand on guard for thee.¬† Now I ask the question, for the sons and daughters who take…

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Yes, I am still alive! Just very busy. Also, Sekhmet!

Hello, dear readers (if I have any left). Yes, I’m sorry, it has been about 2 months since I have posted. I made it to Tucson okay, but I have been extremely busy, almost constantly on the go. Even before … Continue reading

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A Prayer for Memorial Day

A Prayer for Memorial Day by Amanda¬†Artemisia Forrester . Lady Libertas, Who holds Her torch high Watch over Your children today On this solemn day we remember all our veterans But especially those who didn’t make it home Keep Your … Continue reading

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Another War? – A Prayer Born of Frustration

A prayer born of frustration by Amanda Sioux Blake   Mighty Lady of the Battlefield, glorious Athena, to Thee I pray Fierce Ares, defeated only by the fair Lady of Love, I direct my prayer to You as well My … Continue reading

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A poem – Lady of the Battlefield

Lady of the Battlefield by Amanda¬†Artemisia Forrester I call now my Lady Athena, Goddess of flashing eyes and flaming hair The Fierce One, Lady of the Battlefield Who loves the din of war and sack of cities Mightiest Daughter of … Continue reading

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Regifugium, the Roman Independence Day Ritual

Purify the Circle walk around the ritual space with the khernips bowl, sprinkling the water around the perimeter. Say: You are pure! You are pure! By this holy water, this ground is made pure. In the name of Jupiter and … Continue reading

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