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Musings on my current relationships with Odin and Athena (mostly Odin)

Sometimes I wonder what it is, precisely, the Gods want from me. Lately I wonder about Athena and Odin most of all.   I wonder why Athena – a Goddess of logic and rationality and cold, calculating precision of Mind … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Thoughts

So, I’m late in posting this (as per usual). But I didn’t want to let that stop me. As I said before, I’ve recently completely rearranged my altar, to have more of a focus on Ares as I try to … Continue reading

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On the Nature of Truth and Bravery

A few months ago The Wild Hunt shared an interview with a Pagan from Turkey, whose name obviously had to be changed for his or her own safety. While most of us Pagans in the US won’t have to face … Continue reading

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