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Lord of the Carnelian Temple is now published!

Originally posted on Per Sebek:
After almost a year of hard work, and some wonderful amazing contributors, we have finally got the Sobek Devotional published! ❤ It is now available to purchase here: https://neosalexandria.org/bibliotheca-alexandrina/current-titles/devotionals/lord-of-the-carnelian-temple-a-devotional-in-honor-of-sobek/ Please go and support this amazing…

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Sobek devotional news: Announcing ‘Lord of the Carnelian Temple’

Originally posted on Per Sebek:
Signal boost the shit out of this plz, y/y? :D? OKAY SO. I might have mentioned I’d put my hand up to edit a Sobek devotional anthology with Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and after a lot of…

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Who is Sobek?

First published at Neos Alexandria, here. — Who is Sobek? His image is striking, standing tall, staff in hand. His face is in profile, the long snout of the crocodile immediately apparent, sharp teeth crooked but noticeable. His crown extends … Continue reading

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To Sobek

Sobek glides Through the Nile River A silent hunter Invisible to all Only yellow eyes visible Just above the water The fiercest creature in the Two Lands No God, nor man, nor animal Understands fear better then He Fierce Sobek … Continue reading

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Some of my writings

Instead of reproducing here the essays and other works I’ve had published online in other places, I thought I’d share them in a list of links for folks to look at if they’d like. I’ll have to do another listing … Continue reading

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