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Miasma & Menstruation

Originally posted on Of Thespiae:
This topic comes up pretty frequently, so I’m going to make a post about it that hopefully covers everything in the best ways possible: Boeotian vase painting with Artemis Long story short, it’s actually been…

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Io Saturnalia! A ritual

Originally posted on Temple of Athena the Savior:
Yesterday was the first day of the Roman festival of Saturnalia, the holiday from which most Christmas traditions are taken. It was the most popular Roman holiday, and all business was suspended…

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Appeal to the Gate-keeper Gods

I wrote last month about how I was thinking about adopting P. Sufanas Virius Lupus’s idea of using prayers to Wepwawet, Hekate, and Janus at the beginning of rituals to open the way for the other Deities being honored and … Continue reading

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On the Importance of Ritual: Or, Why Taking Communion IS a Big Deal

Originally posted on Of Axe and Plough:
This previous weekend, I had the honor of attending the wedding of my first, and oldest, college friend. While the event is not the focus of this writing, it is a pleasant and…

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GMC: Festival of Seshat re-post

I have not had as much time to research this month as I would like (something tells me that’s going to be more or less constant, especially in the summer months when there is so much to do on the … Continue reading

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Isidis Navigium

I’m posting this late because I don’t have internet on the homestead yet. March 5th was the usually considered the date of the Roman festival of Isidis Navigium, celebrating the Egyptian Isis as the patron of sailors (although some sources … Continue reading

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Greco-Egyptian Noumenia Ritual

So, today is the Noumenia, the New month in the Greek Calendar. Although Noumenia means literally “New Moon”, it is not on what is astrologically called the new moon, which is really the dark moon. Rather, it occurs a few … Continue reading

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