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PRODUCT REVEIW: Uni (Hera) Anointing Oil From Lykeia’s Botanica – 5 stars!

I really love to have ritual items and icons that were crafted by other Polytheists, because you know that love for the Gods were poured into it during its creation. That love and devotion has it’s own energy, and it … Continue reading

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Reveiw of Skalded Apples: A devotional for Idunna and Bragi

So, this is a review of Skalded Apples, Asphodel Press’s devotional to Idunna and Bragi, complied by Galina Krasskova, available here. It’s filled with excellent articles and beautiful poetry for this Divine couple. There are also a lot of apple-based … Continue reading

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Dealing with Deities Review

Galina Krasskova recently made a list of books that she recommends. While many of these books are aimed at those beginning on this path of a more traditional kind of polytheist Paganism (as opposed to Wicca-flavored duotheist Paganism), there is … Continue reading

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Info About Saturnalia From “Classical Living”

The following is selections about Saturnalia from the December chapter of Classical Living: Reconnecting with the Rituals of Ancient Rome: Myths, Gods, Goddesses, Celebrations, and Rites for Every Month of the Year by Frances Bernstein, Ph.D. Saturnalia, of course, is … Continue reading

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Depth of Praise Review

In November Galina Krasskova  sent me one of her extra copies of Depth of Praise: Poseidon Devotional by Terentios Poseidonides, or Terence P. Ward. Perhaps because I have always been devoted to Athena, Poseidon is sometimes hard for me to … Continue reading

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Review of Potnia: A Devotional Anthology in Honor to Demeter

As promised at the beginning of September, here is the review of Bibliotheca Alexandria’s Potnia, the Devotional for Demeter! I really enjoyed this devotional. It was bigger than I expected, they clearly got a LOT of submissions. I surprised, but … Continue reading

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Why I decided to Homestead- A Series of Posts About What inspired Me Pt Three

My childhood was not exactly a happy one, for reasons I’m not going to go into. But I have one bright spot in the memory of that time, something that I had buried away until a few years ago, because … Continue reading

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