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I’m quite excited about this Oracle deck, and proud to have supported it through Kickstarter. If you’ve ever thought there was something deeper going on in Labyrinth or Alice in Wonderland, you might want to consider supporting the Girls Underground Story Oracle. I know the creator personally, have received divination from her several times, and I can say that I find her writing insightful and inspiring and I can’t wait to see what she does with the Oracle!

via The Girls Underground Story Oracle

Cassandra card

Originally posted on Beloved in Light:
What I consider the other side if the Sibyl card, the Cassandra card is when due to your own actions the blessings of the gods turn against you. To be cast out, to be unheard, and ultimately be consumed and lead to your own destruction. Please consider being a…

Homestead Update

We’ve started harvesting and drying the lemon balm. You need to make sure that you pick the leaves off the stems if you are going with the paper bag method, since the stems will hold onto moisture more than the leaves. And that will lead to molding eventually. The lemon balm we planted was a…

Homestead Plans

So, we bought this land in December of 2015, and started to make trips out here right away. We didn’t move here permanently until March 2016. So we have not spent a full year on the property yet. I think it’s important to not make major decisions about the land until we have been through…