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Heathen Author and Priest doxxed by Antifa group

I was planning to write about the Ostara ritual I attended on Saturday, and a review of the amazing Pagan and witch shop it was held at. Sadly, their thunder has been stolen by something that happened to a dear … Continue reading

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Othala is Not a Hate Symbol

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
I saw someone on Facebook today opining that the tattoo they’d gotten so proudly to honor their Gods was now being taken over by a neo-Nazi group. No. Many things can be corrupted and…

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Tribal Jarawa Society Facing Abuse and Extinction

The genesis of this article came about when I read “Jarawa Hunter-Gatherers Say They Don’t Want to Be a Part of Our World”, which addresses the problems facing a remote tribe that lives on an island off the coast of … Continue reading

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Round-up of Interesting Links!

I’ve been working on Idunna’s God of the Month club post the last couple of days. I owe Her! I fell horribly behind and kept neglecting Her the last couple of months and just saying, “It’s okay, I’ll roll Her … Continue reading

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“Radical” Muslims destroy Hindu temples and violate Hindu homes during Diwali.

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
Muslims violated the festival of Diwali this past weekend, destroying 15 Hindu temples and 200 Hindu homes.  See article here and here for the full story.  I hope that those affected by this vile…

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Speaking Up

The internet is usually full of people angry about something, and the online Pagan community is no exception. The pagan blogosphere is usually in a tizzy about something, especially Reconstructionists. I try to avoid drama. I don’t like unnecessary conflict, … Continue reading

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Round-up of Interesting Links

Melia talks about the Khthonic Zeus Pictures from the Day of the Dead Hinduism spreads in Africa Philipus reveiws the Immortals movie Ruadhan discusses transgender ritual matters related to the infamous CAYA event at Pantheacon 2011 Hellenism at the Dawn … Continue reading

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