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Round-Up of Interesting Links

Interesting Norse folklore: the huldra A fantastic argument that Yggdrasil, the World Tree, was meant to be represented by a yew, and not an ash tree as I had previously thought (I’m not sure which is the more common belief … Continue reading

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Miasma & Menstruation

Originally posted on Of Thespiae:
This topic comes up pretty frequently, so I’m going to make a post about it that hopefully covers everything in the best ways possible: Boeotian vase painting with Artemis Long story short, it’s actually been…

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Round-up of Interesting Links

The Uncomfortable Animism of Cars These comics are hilarious. Heart vs Brain   Some important and interesting thoughts fromĀ a long conversation about miasma and the modern world Everyday Struggles of Your Organs The Need for Pagan Homelands: This article has … Continue reading

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What You Feed Your Mind

What you feed your mind matters as much as what you feed your body. The music you listen to, the tv shows and movies you watch, the books you read, these all begin to paint an inner world and inform … Continue reading

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Why I decided to Homestead- A Series of Posts About What inspired Me Pt Three

My childhood was not exactly a happy one, for reasons I’m not going to go into. But I have one bright spot in the memory of that time, something that I had buried away until a few years ago, because … Continue reading

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