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Submission to Loki Agon

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
To Loki by Amanda Forrester My head is on fire. I can see it all – The threads of destiny, of wyrd, coming together, I see the ghastly fate of my sons, I feel…

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Round-up of Interesting Links

The Uncomfortable Animism of Cars These comics are hilarious. Heart vs Brain   Some important and interesting thoughts from a long conversation about miasma and the modern world Everyday Struggles of Your Organs The Need for Pagan Homelands: This article has … Continue reading

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Round-up of Interesting Links

Ancient Egyptian Stories to be Published in English for the First Time!! Cool!! Head Coverings in Roman Tradition Cats in Slavic Mythology Really cool crafty ideas for reusing shutters around the house Man sworn into his city council seat while … Continue reading

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God of the Month Club: Idunna, Norse Goddess of Youth

The first God of the Month I’m focusing on is definitely Idunna. I owe Her! I fell horribly behind and kept neglecting Her the last couple of months and just saying, “It’s okay, I’ll roll Her over into next month’s … Continue reading

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A new form?

So, today I read a couple of really good articles on different aspects of Heathen Gods. It were Dagulf Loptson’s Loki’s Roads and Sarenth’s post about some of Odin’s heiti. They are great articles on their own, that provide a little insight into … Continue reading

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