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House Cleansings, Blessings, and Wardings

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A Question for my Readers Regarding House Spirits

I have a question for my readers if anyone would like to share their thoughts. I’m assuming that most of my readers are some form of Pagan, Polytheist, witch, etc. Regardless, most of these traditions are animistic. I know that … Continue reading

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Household Worship: My Lararium

The most sacred, the most hallowed place on earth is the home of each and every citizen.  There are his sacred hearth and his household gods, there the very centre of his worship, religion, and domestic ritual. -Cicero, De Domo … Continue reading

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A History of My Shrines and Altars

This is a post I’ve wanted to write for a long time. Like many Pagans, I’ve had various altars and shrines throughout the years. Putting altars together is an act of devotion in itself, carefully picking each piece for its … Continue reading

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GMC Poetry: Prayer for a Peaceful Home (Hestia)

Fair Eirene, Goddess of Peace Spread Your feathered wings over my home. Gentle Hestia of the flame, Who dwells in the hearth Let us remember the value of family. Let only words of love be spoken here Let harmony reign … Continue reading

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Call for Submissions: Devotional to Hestia

I’m excited to see this one happening. Hestia doesn’t get a lot of attention, She  deserves a devotional of Her own. I hope there are lots of good submissions, so please spread this call far and wide! Original post here. … Continue reading

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Day of the Agathos Daimon

And the second day of the lunar month belongs to the Agathos Daimon, both the personal Daimon that watches over you and the household Daimon who guards your family and whose special domain to protect the pantry and food stores. Offer Him … Continue reading

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