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“Radical” Muslims destroy Hindu temples and violate Hindu homes during Diwali.

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
Muslims violated the festival of Diwali this past weekend, destroying 15 Hindu temples and 200 Hindu homes.  See article here and here for the full story.  I hope that those affected by this vile…

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Round-up of Interesting Links

Haven’t done one of these in a long time.   Heathen Gods and Sacrifice (and Transformation) Roman women more independent than previously thought On the burial at the sanctuary of Zeus Lykios The Arrogance of Monotheism — A Hindu View … Continue reading

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Follow-up from last month’s GMC: Ganesh Chaturthi

On Monday, while most Americans celebrated Labor Day, Hindus around the world kicked off the 10-day festival of the Ganesh Chaturthi. I thought it would be nice to share pictures of this year’s celebration, because it’s nice to be reminded … Continue reading

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GMC Poetry: To Ganesh

I sing now a hymn to Shri Ganesh Called also Ganapati, or One-Tusked Ekadanta The great elephant-headed God of India Who I have never honored before. Ever-Blissful, Son of Parvati, Remover of Obstacles and Lord of Good Fortune Gentle Ganesha … Continue reading

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GMC poetry: Ganesha Acrostic

Guardian of His mother’s chamber Assistant in beginnings, remover of obstacles Noble and sweet, kindest and most forgiving Elephant-headed God of learning Shiva’s son, head of the celestial hosts Housed in the root chakra of every living thing Always popular … Continue reading

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God of the Month Club: Ganesh

So the first Hindu God we’ve had for the God of the Month Club has come up, and appropriately enough, it’s Ganesh, one of the most cross-culturally popular and recognizable of Hindu Deities. Hinduism has the distinction of being the … Continue reading

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August Gods of the Month

The Gods of the Month for August are Ereshkigal, Apis, and the Hindu Ganesh. Ereshkigal is the Sumerian Goddess of the Underworld, the sister of more well-known Inanna. Ereshkigal is an official part of the Neos Alexandria pantheon, but Her … Continue reading

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