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Did anybody else notice that the Festival of the Marriage of Zeus and Hera falls on VALENTINE’S DAY this year????? It’s a good thing I don’t have an significant other, so they can’t get offended when I say I’m going … Continue reading

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PRODUCT REVEIW: Uni (Hera) Anointing Oil From Lykeia’s Botanica – 5 stars!

I really love to have ritual items and icons that were crafted by other Polytheists, because you know that love for the Gods were poured into it during its creation. That love and devotion has it’s own energy, and it … Continue reading

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My Submisson to Lykeia’s Hera Agon

Hail to the Goddess of Life By Amanda Artemisia Forrester Rich-haired Hera, arrayed in peacock feathers Many have sung of You as wife of Great Zeus and Queen of Shining Olympos But today I wish to hymn to You alone, … Continue reading

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Lykeia’s Botanica Presents Agons For Hera and Aphrodite

Originally posted on Beloved in Light:
Lykeia’s Botanica?and spiritual gifts and supplies is happy to present two agons running until March 31st for Hera and Aphrodite. Due to constraints of the Internet these shall by poetic contests.? The winners shall…

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Collage Art: Hera

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A Prayer for Mother’s Day

A Prayer for Mother’s Day by Amanda¬†Artemisia Forrester . Hail to Gaia, the First Mother! Primal Protogenos, Whom we live upon She Who mothered the first Beings in existence The mother of nymphs and Gods, animals and mortals Earth Mother,¬† … Continue reading

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This week’s festivals

Tuesday was the Ides of March, the death of Julius Caesar. This was my first year celebrating it, although I have always admired him greatly. It was a simple celebration, just myself. I arranged the altar with Roman symbols, such … Continue reading

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