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Collage Art: Haides

Reposting Haides’ collage art because I just know I won’t get much more done for the GMC this month, between the homestead and the holidays ….

Temple of Athena the Savior


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GMC: Haides

UGH. I feel terrible for not getting enough writing done, for the God of the Month Club or otherwise. It’s been a really rough couple of months. I think I’m finished with Poseidon, and I hardly covered Haides but I think after a couple of more posts I’ll let that slide this time. I’m rolling…

Good news/Bad news

Good News: after today, I should have internet at my house! Which is great because I have not been able to make it town lately (truck is still broken down. that’s the Bad News). I’m extending the October God of the Month Club, again, into November. So I will still be studying Poseidon, Haides, and…

October GMC

So a new month rolls around. Autumn is truly upon us now, and so too is another round of the God of the Month Club. The Gods from the Neos Alexandria pantheon are Haides and Poseidon, and the God from the Other category is the Norse Goddess Idunn/Idunna. Its interesting that both Haides and Poseidon…