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Selections from “365 Goddess”

March 25 Hilaria (Rome) Cybele Themes: Love; Health; Humor; Victory; Strength; Relationships Symbols: Pine; Meteorite Stone; Key About Cybele: A black stone that personified this Roman earth goddess is credited with a successful battle against Hannibal. It this strength, especially … Continue reading

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Call for Submissions: Flora Devotional

OOOOOOOO!! Now this looks fascinating! It’s not only to Flora but to all floral Deities and flower heroes in myths. Cool! I love that polytheism is coming back in such full force that such specialized devotional’s are popping up everywhere. … Continue reading

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Today is the last day of the Floralia, a festival celebrated in Rome from April 27th to May 3rd. At parties everyone wears crowns of flowers, and the table is strewn with sweet scented roses. A guest who drank too … Continue reading

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