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GMC Poetry: Hail Montu

Hail Montu, Lord of War! Falcon-headed, fierce and virile Bearing spears, carrying shields Fierce God, Fire God You Who defeated the seven enemies of Egypt Lord of Thebes May You always be on my side And stand with our solders … Continue reading

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Beautiful Shrine Video

Just wanted to share these beautiful shrines, posted with permission from Sobekemiti Isetemsaf, of Per Sobek.

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My Portable Altar Kit

Like many Pagans, I just don’t feel right if I don’t have have my altars around. Paganism is a religion that requires a minimum of a few tools, and often its adherents can go a little overboard acquiring more and … Continue reading

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Selections from “365 Goddess”

March 25 Hilaria (Rome) Cybele Themes: Love; Health; Humor; Victory; Strength; Relationships Symbols: Pine; Meteorite Stone; Key About Cybele: A black stone that personified this Roman earth goddess is credited with a successful battle against Hannibal. It this strength, especially … Continue reading

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Round-up of Interesting Links

Ancient Egyptian Stories to be Published in English for the First Time!! Cool!! Head Coverings in Roman Tradition Cats in Slavic Mythology Really cool crafty ideas for reusing shutters around the house Man sworn into his city council seat while … Continue reading

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GMC Poetry: Isis Alliteration Poem

UGH, this one was HARD!!!   generous golden goddess guarding [the] gem [of] germination luminous lady [of] life, loyal [to her] law-giving lover magnificent motherly many-named magician [of ] mercy nile’s nubian nurturer [of] nature, netjer [of] nobility questing queen … Continue reading

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Collage Art: Isis

Originally posted on Temple of Athena the Savior:
Yes, I did reuse one of the same pictures I used for the Hekate collage, I had a couple of cards with that picture and it was just so evocative and magical.

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