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Fall and The Eleusinian Mysteries

So this is the week of the historical Eleusinian Mysteries, which by my calculations started yesterday and will continue until Monday the 11th. The Hellenic Pagan group Hellenion has their monthly communal libation this Saturday, naturally to Demeter and Persephone … Continue reading

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So, we are in the midst of the the ancient Roman festival for Ceres. This festival in Rome usually lasted about a week, but I’ll probably be doing my ritual on the 19th, since Ovid mentions that as being the … Continue reading

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Homesteading Blurb: Baking as a Magical Art

So, earlier this month, we bought a convection oven. We have not had an oven in a really long time. Even before we moved out to woods. The last house I lived at had a stove-top, but the oven was … Continue reading

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GMC: Introduction to Poseidon

Poseidon is chiefly the God of the Sea. He is also, however, the Lord of all Rivers and Lakes, all incarnations of water, especially salt water. He is also the God of Horses. At Eleusis, He was worshiped as a … Continue reading

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Review of Potnia: A Devotional Anthology in Honor to Demeter

As promised at the beginning of September, here is the review of Bibliotheca Alexandria’s Potnia, the Devotional for Demeter! I really enjoyed this devotional. It was bigger than I expected, they clearly got a LOT of submissions. I surprised, but … Continue reading

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GMC Poetry: Demeter Alliteration

ancient agricultural abundance bountiful bighearted blessed eternal everlasting eleusinian furious ferocious fierce guardian germinates grain mad mother maudlin noble nurse [of] nations questing questioning queen perfect plants poppy seeds sown silently troubled tribes thank, [and] worship wandering woman

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GMC: Demeter

(a few parts of this post come from Journey to Olympos’ Demeter chapter . More of my meditations and thoughts from this month may similarly work their way into the book.   Demeter is the Goddess of crops and grains, … Continue reading

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