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Third Submission to Persephone’s Agon

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
Devotional Collage for Persephone by Amanda Artemisia Forrester ? ? ************* Be sure to check out my other sites: Wyrd Curiosities at Etsy My academia.edu page My amazon author page. Walking the Worlds Journal My art blog at Krasskova Creations My blog about all things strange, weird and medieval.…

Mighty Athena

Somehow I accidentally deleted the post of this collage from yesterday. So, here it is again, my devotional college for Athena, my first time doing a digital collage. Much less messy than a making a physical college, without all the paper and glue and stuff. I still like doing physical ones, but this is just…

Collage Art: Zeus

Because Hera and Zeus should be seen as a team, I had to post His collage right after Hers. Hail the King and Queen of Olympos, Great Mother and Father, Zygios and Zygia, Mighty and Beautiful, the Children of Rheia and Kronus, long may They reign!