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🐍🐉🐍 The Snakes in the Grass – Saint Patrick, the Pagans, & the God Crom Cruach  🐍🐉🐍 — Wyrd Designs

It is my personal opinion that despite it being a largely secular cultural holiday these days, no Pagan or Polytheist should participate in Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations. It explicitly celebrates the destruction of paganism in Ireland. Why would any Pagan … Continue reading

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GMC: Epona

I’m doing the God of the Month Club at Neos Alexandria again. Last month’s Deity was Epona, the Celtic Goddess. Now, Celtic Gods are NOT my specialty, so this new to me. I have ZERO experience with Them, so this required … Continue reading

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Round-up of Interesting Links

Ancient Egyptian Stories to be Published in English for the First Time!! Cool!! Head Coverings in Roman Tradition Cats in Slavic Mythology Really cool crafty ideas for reusing shutters around the house Man sworn into his city council seat while … Continue reading

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February God of the Month Club

Okay, so the Gods for February from the Neos Alexandria pantheon are Hermes and Aset/Isis, and in “other” category is the Celtic Goddess Mala Laith. Hermes and Isis are both Deities that I have had very close relationship relationships with … Continue reading

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