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Round-up of Interesting Links!

I’ve been working on Idunna’s God of the Month club post the last couple of days. I owe Her! I fell horribly behind and kept neglecting Her the last couple of months and just saying, “It’s okay, I’ll roll Her … Continue reading

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Last night

Last night was fabulous. It couldn’t have gone better. Two other people were in attendance, so I was able to split of the prayers and the hymns between everybody. I like to get everyone involved with ritual, so that was … Continue reading

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Asklepeiea Ritual

Cleansing the Sacred Space Carrying the khernips, the Priest/ess walks around the ritual area, sprinkling everything with the water. Recite the following as you make your circuit: “You are washed clean by the life-giving waters of the Nile! You are … Continue reading

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Preparing for tonight’s ritual

I’m getting ready for the Asklepeiea ritual tonight, in celebration of Asklepios, the God of Healing. Several people are coming over to participate. Right now the house is filled with the smell of baking bread, one of the offerings I … Continue reading

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Ritual Craziness and Anthesteria (did you catch that?)

Friday was the scheduled Adoration of Aphrodite public ritual. It was a modern ritual that I wrote it because it was so close to Valentine’s Day. As much as I love Anthesteria, trying to pack it all into one evening … Continue reading

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Some of my writings

Instead of reproducing here the essays and other works I’ve had published online in other places, I thought I’d share them in a list of links for folks to look at if they’d like. I’ll have to do another listing … Continue reading

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