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My submission to Galina’s Sigyn Poetry Agon

There’s a still a couple of hours left (ends at 9PM EST), so hurry over if you want to leave a submission of your own.   To the Lady of Endurance by Amanda Artemisia Forrester Some may find it strange … Continue reading

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Hymn for Freyja

Originally posted on Dances with Tricksters:
Freyja blooms with the wildflowers, green and rose golden light crowns the Vanadis’ flaxen head, radiant as dawn as her toes shine with the light of Vanaheim, amber Brisingamen at her milk and cream…

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Submission to Loki Agon

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
To Loki by Amanda Forrester My head is on fire. I can see it all – The threads of destiny, of wyrd, coming together, I see the ghastly fate of my sons, I feel…

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Round-up of Interesting Links

A Single Catholic Priest was Responsible for Destroying the Entire Mayan Written Language! Horrible. Considering Da’esh’s actions in the Middle East towards any reminders of their Pagan past, it’s also a sobering lesson. Ruins of Viking Settlement Discovered Near Hudson … Continue reading

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Changes to the God of the Month Club

Okay so, I’ve been prompted to change how I approach the God of the Month Club. So far, I would pick 2 Deities from the Neos Alexandria pantheon, and 1 from somewhere else in the world. Since this was random, … Continue reading

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Bejeweled Devotion that Glimmers Gold

Originally posted on Wyrd Designs:
Recently Jennifer Lawrence (not the actress) shared an absolutely, strikingly, lovely sentiment on devotion which inspired me to make this. Art by Toherrys

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Originally posted on Dances with Tricksters:
The curve of a tree, weighed down by blossoms is my favorite place to find you, one with the roots, your antler curved like the branches, hair the gold of yellow ochre fall leaf…

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