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Agon winners for Aphrodite Agon

Originally posted on Beloved in Light:
This afternoon I praised Aphrodite and greeted her to sweeten herself to those who sing her praise, and that she take pleasure in their offered hymns. That each be blessed. One by one I…

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My Portable Altar Kit

Like many Pagans, I just don’t feel right if I don’t have have my altars around. Paganism is a religion that requires a minimum of a few tools, and often its adherents can go a little overboard acquiring more and … Continue reading

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Short Prayers for the Sacred Days of the Lunar Month

these are short prayers for the sacred days of the lunar month. I wrote these years ago, when I first book, Songs of Praise, was published. Most of these are historically attested to as the Athenians considered the days sacred … Continue reading

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Kala Noumenia!

It’s the Noumenia today, and tonight the first silver of Selene’s light reappears in the sky. If you are able, and you did not do it yesterday on Hekate’s Deiphon, today would be a good day to clean your house … Continue reading

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Collage Art: Artemis

In honor of Artemis’ sacred day in the Greek lunar calendar.

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Greco-Egyptian Noumenia Ritual

So, today is the Noumenia, the New month in the Greek Calendar. Although Noumenia means literally “New Moon”, it is not on what is astrologically called the new moon, which is really the dark moon. Rather, it occurs a few … Continue reading

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Closer than I thought to my Dream Homestead

Okay, don’t want to jinx it here, but I **may** be buying a 5 acre wooded property, even with an unfinished cabin on it already, in a few weeks. If this works, it should definitely go through before Yule. If … Continue reading

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