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An Interview with P. Sufenas Virius Lupus regarding his new book

P. Sufenas Virius Lupus, the founder of the Ekklesía Antínoou spiritual group and author of The Phillupic Hymns and The Syncretisms of Antinous, has released a new book, Devotio Antinoo: The Doctor’s Notes, Volume One. It’ll be a month or … Continue reading

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A short ritual to observe the Natalis Antinoi, for groups

Cleansing the Sacred Space Carrying the khernips, the Priest/ess walks around the ritual area, sprinkling everything with the water. Recite the following as you make your circuit: “You are washed clean by the life-giving waters of the Nile! You are … Continue reading

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Antinous and Coming Out

I’ve been thinking about Antinous, specifically Antinous the Liberator. Although some people might understand this aspect of the God as mostly having to do with helping His GLBTQI children, I disagree. I’ve been thinking about Antinous as the drive to … Continue reading

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Religious Observations, and Pop Culture reminds me of Antinous (I’m crazy)

Hi everyone. Sorry its been so long since I blogged, I got unbelievably sick. I’m doing much better now, but for a while all I could do was sleep. It wasn’t even the kind of cold where I could lie … Continue reading

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