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Round-up of Interesting Links

Well friends, I’m sorry that I have been out of commission for a while. Missouri has had an epidemic of the flu going around, and pretty much everybody has been sick. Alex and I both had fevers of 102 degrees … Continue reading

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My Anthesteria

Spring is finally starting in South Bend Indiana. Appropriately enough, the warmest day we’ve had all winter was on the first day of Anthesteria. In this climate, there are no flowers yet, but the snow began to melt on the … Continue reading

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Day Three of Anthesteria

Day Three – Khutroi the Day of Pots The Day of Pots was devoted to appeasing the dead. Vegetables, beans, and seeds were cooked together in one pot and left outside the house for any spirits wandering the night. Offering … Continue reading

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Anthesteria videos: Khoes

this one I’ve used in my ritual for Dionysos before, and I intend to do so again tonight

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Day Two of Anthesteria

Day Two – Khoes, ‘Pitchers’ the Day of Swings The second day of Anthesteria is called Khoes, meaning Pitchers. It is also called the Day of Swings. Khoes was celebrated with drinking matches, which was rewarded with a skin of … Continue reading

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Ritual Craziness and Anthesteria (did you catch that?)

Friday was the scheduled Adoration of Aphrodite public ritual. It was a modern ritual that I wrote it because it was so close to Valentine’s Day. As much as I love Anthesteria, trying to pack it all into one evening … Continue reading

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Busy Religious Schedule

Things are about to get very busy for me religiously. This Friday I’m holding a public Adoration of Aphrodite ritual. This is not a ancient festival but a modern ritual I wrote to celebrate the Golden Goddess since we are … Continue reading

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