Mission Statement

This Temple is primarily devoted to Athena, virgin Goddess of War and Wisdom, Justice and Victory, patroness of scholars and artisans alike, protectess of the city and Goddess of all the virtues it takes to live in a community. May the Owl-Eyed Goddess watch over Her children!

Besides our patron Athena, this Temple is dedicated to the Gods of Greece and Egypt, particularly as They were worshiped in Alexandria during the Ptolemaic and Roman periods. We worship also the spirits of land and sea, and the divinized mortals such as Herakles/Hercules, who attained greatness through service to the Gods and to mankind.

This Temple is polytheistic in nature, and as such affirms the existence and Divinity of all Gods and all faiths. Anyone of an inclusive spirit is invited, with the understanding that in this Temple the focus will be on the traditions of Greco-Roman Egypt. Alexandria was an inclusive, cosmopolitan city, and even the Jewish God found a home there. As such, all open-minded followers of Yahweh and of the Nazarene are welcome.

We are not reenactors. While we worship ancient Gods, we are modern people and are not seeking to reconstruct ancient society in totality. Slavery, for example, is obviously morally repugnant and better left in the past. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, creed, social status, age, or mental or physical ability.

The mistakes of man do not reflect on the Gods, Who are living Beings that continue to be active in the modern world. We believe the ancient ways to have intrinsic value and strive to be in the spirit of ancient traditions, but are open to innovation. The Gods are not static, but grow and adapt as times change and mankind needs Them to. Hephaistos, God of technology and the forge, now reigns over computers, with Hermes adopting the Internet, the newest form of communication. We see the Gods not as separate from us in some high and airy realm, but present all around us. We see nature Herself as Divine, for Gaia is Mother of us all, from whom the Olympians Themselves owe Their parentage.

As worshipers of Athena, Goddess of Justice and Lady of the City, we take our civic duties very seriously. We work within our communities to make our cities and our country a better place, to fight injustice and inequality in any form, to support local schools and law enforcement, beautify our public parks and land, support various charities with time and money where we can, and to participate fully in local elections and politics.

We strive always to uphold Ma’at, the universal force of truth, justice, right order, and harmony with the Kosmos, each other, and the Gods, and seek only to worship the Gods our hearts are called to serve. We pray that all of humanity will learn to embrace each other in love, fellowship, and respect.

May the Gods of Greece, Egypt, and America smile on us!

7 Responses to Mission Statement

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  2. Valiel says:

    I’m so glad. I’m myself a polytheist and I feel since this summer a very high “wave” of devotion. Many Gods asks worshippers to reconstruct sacred places of devotion, either physical or virtual. I was myself approached by many of them but I hadn’t enough time and energy to do it all by myself. The only deity that insisted was the Morrigan, to whom I erected a virtual Temple where I am fully committed. The other have to wait for now, I have to find other ways. But so, I’m very pleased to see that other people answer to the call and proceed to the so beautiful and sacred act of creating new temples.

    All that to say I’m thrilled by this new sacred space. And I linked you on my public page (French).

  3. Michael Harman says:

    I totally love your site! its wonderful! I myself am a follower of Athena I love her deeply and not a day goes by I do not worship her. I would love to connect with others, can you help?

  4. please put me on your mailing list/blog, etc.

    • Hi! Are you new to wordpress? To receive an email any time I make a new post, you need to have an account and to follow me. I do not at this time have a separate mailing list, since the Temple is no longer a physical space, since I had to move to Missouri. I am hopeful that in a few years I can start it up again on my new land, however!

  5. markus abeel says:

    madame Athena: I do have a wordpress acct. somewhere….under an old stage name of Margo Della Fargo…I am a male btw….can you look me up and contact me there? I haven’t been to the site in some time and look forward to talking to you…thanx markus

    • I’m sorry, but I googled the name, and I only found a Lady Margo. I think you may need to make a new account. Also, I am not addressed as Athena. This is a Temple to Athena, the Goddess, I am not Her. I am Amanda.

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