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Rituals for the New Year video (late)

I could have sworn I posted this. Apparently not. It’s been a rough month, y’all. Someone close to my boyfriend died a few weeks ago, and several events in my roommates life have made my living situation a bit …. … Continue reading

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Round-Up of Interesting Links

Interesting Norse folklore: the huldra A fantastic argument that Yggdrasil, the World Tree, was meant to be represented by a yew, and not an ash tree as I had previously thought (I’m not sure which is the more common belief … Continue reading

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GMC: Epona

I’m doing the God of the Month Club at Neos Alexandria again. Last month’s Deity was Epona, the Celtic Goddess. Now,┬áCeltic Gods are NOT my specialty, so this new to me. I have ZERO experience with Them, so this required … Continue reading

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Apollo Devotional, He Who Rules with Honey, still taking Submissions

via Call for Submissions

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Shield of Wisdom will be re-opening for submissions on September first!

Neos Alexandria will finally, finally be getting around to the Athena devotional over here! Whoop Whoop! And we have decided that we will be taking pieces for Minerva as well (yes, I’m still co-editing it). We are hoping for a … Continue reading

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Ludi Romani

In Rome the Ludi Romani were celebrated from September 5th to the 19th. This two-week festival was the oldest games and were established to celebrated Jupiter Optimus Maximus. In the midst of the festival, on the 13th, a feast is … Continue reading

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Lemures and Lemuria

Originally posted on Neptune's Dolphins:
? the Mundus (Opening to the Underworld) ? During the Lemuria (the feast of the Lemures), the Lemures try to find a home among the living. Some want to have a proper burial or…

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