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Going through old pictures, look what I found!

This was my winter tomato set up from 5 years ago. I was able to grow tomatoes and herbs while there was 3 feet of snow outside. My brother and I jury-rigged this out of almost nothing. With the coronavirus … Continue reading

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A healing Prayer to Sunna

I was late for Galina Krasskova’s agon but oh well, I’m posting this prayer here to share. I waited too long trying to edit it. Foiled by perfectionism again! Oh well, praising the Gods is the point, and hopefully you … Continue reading

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Against Collapsing the Divine Heterogeneity — In The Desert Of Set

I realize I’m repeating myself, but returning to the “satanification” of Set and other Pagan divinities by Satanists, Chaos Magicians, and other esotericists who are coming from that particular corner of the Western occult tradition. These people have every right … Continue reading

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Holy Madness

So, a few weeks ago, a Facebook friend posted an article titled, ““5 things that aren’t as magical as you think they are” It sparked an interesting discussion. That alone was cool, but now I’m stuck in isolation (thank you … Continue reading

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A Call to Unite in this Time of Crisis

So I’m sure that many if not everyone reading this right now is experiencing some level of anxiety about what’s going on with the Covid-19 virus, and those of us who are empaths are feeling the anxiety of the collective … Continue reading

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Tornadoes are Holy

Tornadoes are Holy By Amanda Artemisia Forrester Tornado season in the Midwest Never fails to remind a person just how small they are – And how powerful Nature is. For a few moments, we feel the primal fear of our … Continue reading

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Athesteria: Dionysian Festival of Flowers, Sex, and Death

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