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Powerful. Heartrending.

I sit in class and listen to my professor a kind, erudite, and educated man call my gods ‘stupid’. To the south a man lays down his life when Christians demand he desecrate his shrines. I sit in classes and … Continue reading

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Star Trek for Pagans: Klingon religion across the Series(es), Part 3 of 3

This is your only SPOILER WARNING for this article. I will be going very deeply into these episodes, so don’t read if you haven’t seen them and want to be surprised. VOY: Barge of the Dead B’lanna Torres has a near-death … Continue reading

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Ozark Encyclopedia – F – Feathers

Originally posted on Mountain Man Traditional Healing:
Chicken feathers burned under bed to stop bleeding during childbirth – “After the babe is delivered, some hillfolk burn a handful of chicken feathers under the bed, as this is supposed to stop…

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Ludi Romani

In Rome the Ludi Romani were celebrated from September 5th to the 19th. This two-week festival was the oldest games and were established to celebrated Jupiter Optimus Maximus. In the midst of the festival, on the 13th, a feast is … Continue reading

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Fall and The Eleusinian Mysteries

So this is the week of the historical Eleusinian Mysteries, which by my calculations started yesterday and will continue until Monday the 11th. The Hellenic Pagan group Hellenion has their monthly communal libation this Saturday, naturally to Demeter and Persephone … Continue reading

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When Your God Is a Hurricane

Originally posted on rotwork:
A few months ago I asked polytheists to ponder the question: your god is a volcano and decides to kill 40,000 people – what do you do? Well, my God is the hurricane, and right now…

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Third Submission to Persephone’s Agon

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
Devotional Collage for Persephone by Amanda Artemisia Forrester ? ? ************* Be sure to check out my other sites: Wyrd Curiosities at Etsy My page My amazon author page. Walking the Worlds Journal…

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