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We are being drowned

Originally posted on The Dionysian Artist:
I awoke this morning to a post by Agathokles Martinios, On the Censorship of Art. His post is a response to a report that the Manchester Art Gallery has removed a painting by John…

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Did anybody else notice that the Festival of the Marriage of Zeus and Hera falls on VALENTINE’S DAY this year????? It’s a good thing I don’t have an significant other, so they can’t get offended when I say I’m going … Continue reading

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My submission to Galina’s Sigyn Poetry Agon

There’s a still a couple of hours left (ends at 9PM EST), so hurry over if you want to leave a submission of your own.   To the Lady of Endurance by Amanda Artemisia Forrester Some may find it strange … Continue reading

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Quick Update

So, Life Be Crazy. Yes, I continue to live and breath. I had to move. The homesteading went bust. I’m planning on writing a much longer post about why I failed at this attempt, and what people who want to … Continue reading

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Polytheist vs. [Neo]Pagan

Originally posted on Gangleri's Grove:
Last week an academic friend and colleague, who is soon to be teaching a class on Pagans and Christians in the Roman Empire, asked me a rather complicated question. My friend L. plans to…

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Powerful. Heartrending.

I sit in class and listen to my professor a kind, erudite, and educated man call my gods ‘stupid’. To the south a man lays down his life when Christians demand he desecrate his shrines. I sit in classes and … Continue reading

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Star Trek for Pagans: Klingon religion across the Series(es), Part 3 of 3

This is your only SPOILER WARNING for this article. I will be going very deeply into these episodes, so don’t read if you haven’t seen them and want to be surprised. VOY: Barge of the Dead B’lanna Torres has a near-death … Continue reading

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