Projects Update

It’s been an insane year, hasn’t it? I’ve been using the time to get ahead on some projects that needed doing, but I do have to admit that with my mental health, it is sometimes a battle. A lot of basic mental health and self care routines I had before Covid are tied to going out of the house, even if I don’t particularly want to do that. For example, I used to do my daily prayers before leaving for work, that was the signal to my brain to start my devotions. So I have been retraining myself and reworking the things that don’t apply as well in our new reality. 


At some point soon I will be installing flooring here. It’s been blank plywood flooring since I bought this place (rugs laid down of course), but I had to fix the roof last year first. That’s a big project and we’ll have to go room by room. I’m tired just thinking about it tbh. When it’s done I’m sure I’ll be relieved. 


Shield of Wisdom, Neos Alexandria’s devotional to Athena that I co-edited with Jason Ross Inczauskis, is in its final stage. I’m hoping it will be available in a couple of weeks. This particular project has had a lot of fits and starts, but I’m excited to see it through to its end. It’s going to be over 400 pages!  😀 When it’s finally available that will get it’s own post. 


Speaking of editing, I am also working on editing the two books I have already released, Songs of Praise and Ink in my Veins. There’s a few small errors in spelling or formatting that have been bugging me for years. More than that, I really want to have new covers designed for them, with my new name, but I am not good with graphic art and will have to find an artist I can work with (and yes I will pay, don’t worry.) Songs of Praise, at the least, will have a new introduction. I am not sure about Ink in my Veins yet. I also want to get back to working on Journey to Olympos, that sure seems it’s constantly in limbo. But I think I want to finish clearing out the “easy” stuff first.


I have been rewatching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in my free time. It’s reawakened my desire to work on my Star Trek for Pagans series. Deep Space Nine is by far my favorite of the star trek serieses, and the one most deeply influenced by spirituality. I’m going to try to start organizing my thoughts about Sisko’s spiritual journey and taking notes, but it may take a while to actually get out. I was thinking about the Klingon religion for over a year before I actually got around to writing the 3 part series on Klingon religion. 
Those are my writing projects. I have some other ideas percolating, but they aren’t quite ready for public consumption. I haven’t made a YouTube video in a while. I would like to get back to that, but it feels like my energy is constantly off and filming is more difficult to fake through than writing. Being an empath during this global crisis comes with quite a learning curve, let me tell you. Plus there is the whole “nursing my dog while she heals from being hit by an asshole in a car that definitely had time to slow down” thing. FYI, don’t name your animals after Gods. I love my dogs but Loki is a sneaky bitch. She’s a runner and smart as hell and good at sneaking off. She’s a houdini dog. Names have Power and believe me, I will *NEVER* do that again. I decided that a few years ago, but she’s 8 and Thor is almost 6, it’s done and their names aren’t going to change now.

Here’s that poor sweet face:



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