A healing Prayer to Sunna

I was late for Galina Krasskova’s agon but oh well, I’m posting this prayer here to share. I waited too long trying to edit it. Foiled by perfectionism again! Oh well, praising the Gods is the point, and hopefully you get some enjoyment out of this, and even more that the Gods hear our pleas to end the plauge.
Red orange red
Bright burns the sister of Mani
Sunna the taskmaster rides the sky
Boistering spirits as days lengthen
Our souls reach towards Her chariot
Our spark of fire
Reaching higher
Goddess of the firmament,
We pray to You now as winter wanes,
As we step between the ram’s horns
To a year reborn.
Burn away all impurities, physical and spiritual, and cleanse the world of the pestilence sweeping the land.

Whirling wheel
Cleanse us,
Protect our loved ones,
Bolster our spirits
And let us face this task with determination and grit.
Hail Sunna, blessed, life-giving Sun.

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