A Call to Unite in this Time of Crisis

So I’m sure that many if not everyone reading this right now is experiencing some level of anxiety about what’s going on with the Covid-19 virus, and those of us who are empaths are feeling the anxiety of the collective as well as our own. It’s a scary time and we have to try not to give into that fear. I’m going to be doing a simple candle visualization every night until the new moon to hopefully stop the suffering caused by this plague. Some nights I’ve added longer prayers or offerings to Apollo, Hygeia, Eir, or Asklepios, but every night I am at least burning a candle and visualizing an end to the crisis. Please join me in this if you are able, I think repetition will be more powerful than one big, fancy ritual done once. Let’s pull together on this!

This is an old ritual I wrote years ago, honoring Asklepios, Son of Apollo, one of the Greek Gods of Healing. Anyone who wishes may use it.

And I was not aware of this when I recorded the video, but Galina is holding a contest on her blog to win the healing God prayer card sets, by writing prayers or creating art in honor of ANY of the Healing Deities. We need Their assistance now more than ever, and it’s a great way to also keep Them at the forefront of our minds. I love the idea and I will definitely be entering. More information available on her post here.

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