Rituals for the New Year video (late)

I could have sworn I posted this. Apparently not. It’s been a rough month, y’all. Someone close to my boyfriend died a few weeks ago, and several events in my roommates life have made my living situation a bit …. Chaotic. I won’t say more due to that being their business. But yeah. Still kicking. I’ve been painting a lot. I think soon I should make a post sharing some pictures of that. Also, Happy Anthesteria! Due to my life craziness, I don’t think my rituals will be as Intense as they have been in past years, but I was unwilling to let the day go by completely unacknowledged. I did set up a temporary festival altar, and I covered all my regular altars (to protect them from the Miasma of this odd holiday) and all the mirrors in the house (to prevent wandering spirits from becoming trapped). Going to try to make a video about the festival, but guessing it will be late too so don’t hold your breath. Sigh. Sorry.

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