Sigh – “If you have any engagement with the Gods you’re mentally ill.” WHAT?????

ABSOLUTELY agree with everything said here, both by Galina and the other commenters. We have GOT to stop acting like Pagan Protestants if we ever want to rebuild our traditions. We have to stop being embarrassed of looking “primitive”…. Who are we trying to impress with being so advanced and “modern”? Monotheists would rather we didn’t exist, and Atheists don’t know what to do with us. We should only we worried About pleasing our Gods. Sadly, engaging with the Sacred can take a lot of work on self to break down all the barriers that living in a monotheist culture has built up in us. But we shouldn’t want to be like them, we are doing great work and it takes passion and dedication and yes, actual EXPERIENCE of the Holy.

Gangleri's Grove

I’m afraid I’m going to be very blunt here, because in thirty years of teaching and serving as clergy, I have never seen such utter garbage spreading like wildfire throughout our respective communities as I do now, not even when I first became Heathen (and believe me, the level of bullshit in the Heathen community at that time was a thousand times worse than it is now – and that’s saying something). Part of the problem is the pseudo-progressive contingent on tumblr, and part of it just the sad lack of adequate education in North America today. It’s sometimes hard to see where one begins and one ends.(1)

When someone tells you that actual engagement with the Gods is wrong, that being able to sense or hear Them is mental illness—even one single moment of theophany, that one cannot be claimed by a Deity, called as a priest, function as…

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