Heathen Author and Priest doxxed by Antifa group


I was planning to write about the Ostara ritual I attended on Saturday, and a review of the amazing Pagan and witch shop it was held at. Sadly, their thunder has been stolen by something that happened to a dear friend of mine yesterday. The article I had intended to spend today writing will still be coming, hopefully in the next couple of days. But unfortunately, as the picture says, my ancestors, Gods, and spirits will not allow me to be quiet in this matter. Not to mention common human decency, even above my friendship with the person in question.

Galina Krasskova has been doxxed on Twitter.

Her work address and home phone number has been made public. Worse, at the time of this article’s writing, Twitter is refusing to take it down because it “doesn’t qualify” as abusive speech under their rules, even though it meets all their points. I suspect that the real problem is that the doxxer is an Antifa liberal and Galina is politically conservative and famously pro-free speech, anti-censorship, anti-Marxist, and anti-communist. Which is somehow a bad thing, in today’s political climate.

Folks, this is a terrifying precedent. It’s been said before, but this is clearly McCarthy-era Red Scare tactics updated for the modern age. How many of our grandparents dreaded hearing this question: “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the communist party?” Only the pendulum has (perhaps inevitably) swung the other way. Those of us in the Pagan community who are too young to remember the horrors of the McCarthy era should stop talking for a few moments, pretend we actually value the input of our elders (because a great number of us clearly don’t), and listen. Maybe pick up a history book or two. It didn’t turn out so well the first time, did it?

Whatever your politics, whatever your opinion of Galina, doxxing someone is clearly wrong. I wouldn’t doxx the TridentAntifa people, although a small, dark part of me thinks that maybe they’d think twice about doing it to someone if it happened to them.

Probably not though. They’d see it as more proof of oppression in their righteous struggle against “The Man” or something. In Jungian terms, I think they have failed to integrate their shadow and to realize their own capacity for evil. This lack of shadow work leads to their rage and anger coming out in dangerous ways that are damaging to other people and themselves. I can acknowledge that a part of myself wants to do the same to them and NOT act on that impulse, because it’s wrong and evil and hurtful. But I digress.

For those of you who don’t know, although if you are reading my blog I suspect you will, Antifa is a title for a loose collection of grassroots anarchist anti-fascist groups that have been officially labeled domestic terrorists by the FBI and Dept of Homeland Security. Here is an article saying just that. Everything they do is anonymous, they cover their faces during their riots so they have no accountability, yet in their “unmasking” of people they deem to be racist they are revealing personal information and encouraging violence. This is not only cowardly in the worst sense, it is terrorism, plain and simple, and needs to be called out for what it is.

In a civilized society, we can have discourse that upsets us, have conversations that make us uncomfortable, and we can have friends we disagree with! I’d call all those things *necessary* to personal growth.

So, I spent some time reading the thread in question this morning, which was at points rage-inducing, absurd to the point of hilarity, and ridiculously sad. It was so upsetting I frequently had to take breaks. Throughout the entirety of the thread, Galina’s words were purposely taken out of context, to the point where I wondered about the author’s reading comprehension skills. Throughout she is accused of supporting violence (but Marxists and Antifa equate free speech with violence, that’s all this means) yet say things like, “she really doesn’t like it when Nazis get punched in the face” – uh yeah that’s called not creating a culture of violence, which is something you JUST ACCUSED HER OF TWO SECONDS AGO. If you have to resort to violence to win an argument, you just lost the argument. No matter how righteous your position. Not to mention Antifa calls anyone who disagrees with them a Nazi these days.

Particularly upsetting, not to mention factually wrong, was when they said that she doesn’t care about poor people and doesn’t want them to be able to pursue higher education. Yet since 2010 Galina has funded a scholarship for improverished women WITH HER OWN MONEY. I think that shows that she does care, in fact they are assuming that they know everything about her from her current financial state and that she has never struggled, which is not true. Antifa (and Marxists in general) are so quick to spend other people’s money, to prove they “care”. I wonder how often they donate their own earnings to charity, or if they become miserly when dollar signs suddenly enter their own bank account. Perhaps they think the government needs to force people to share their wealth because Galina’s inherent generosity is antithetical to their natures and they assume everyone is as selfish as they are. This is an example, I think, of our culture’s deeply, deeply unhealthy ideas about money, but that is an entire different tangent.

You might assume from these statements that I am politically conservative. I am not. I am left-leaning, a “classical liberal” if you will, although I am staunchly pro-free speech and pro-2nd Amendment, which I suppose for the modern Pagan community makes me “alt right-adjacent” or some other nonsense. (Now watch that sentence get taken out of context!!!!) Not that I should have to prove that I am “liberal enough” to defend Galina, or anyone’s, right to privacy. For the love of everything that is holy, when did it become normal for private information like addresses and phone numbers to be published as the price for having a unpopular opinion, political or otherwise? We either believe in freedom, or we don’t. It is that simple.

Not content to attack just Galina, they go after her friends as well. Another Pagan whose work I closely follow, Kenaz Filan, was similarly smeared and called a white supremacist, and all manner of vile and hateful screeds was attributed to him, taken, as usual, out of context or flatly made up. Although he has been accused of it before, Kenaz is the FURTHEST thing from a white supremacist. He is actually initiated into Haitian Vodou and has authored several books on the African Dispora and the worship of the Orishas. (I hear the cries of cultural appropriation already).

Why the race-baiting, then? He simply refuses to be ashamed of being white. He acknowledges that no race is better or worse than another, but each has it’s own beautiful culture and tradition.Those cultures and traditions are worth preserving. Ancestors are worth venerating. OF ALL PEOPLES, ALL RACES, AND ALL TRIBES. That is somehow controversial these days. Because venerating your white ancestors is “problematic”, you are supposed to be ashamed of them. Karl Seigfried, writing at the Wild Hunt (the same author who caused a massive backlash among Heathens when he compared Trump to Loki) recently suggested we deal with white supremacy (and there ARE racists stealing our symbols, and we DO need to deal with them) by gutting our traditions. One of his vile suggestions was not honoring ancestors anymore. What the ever-loving FUCK? Ancestor veneration is at the heart of ALL paganisms and polytheisms, including African religions if you’re really going to be so low as to drag race into this. I don’t know how someone can be Pagan and abhor their ancestors so much. It just doesn’t compute. Why are you even here? Muslims aren’t asked to throw away the hijab or the Qu’ran wholesale because of violent Jihadists (and they shouldn’t be), so why are we expected to “adapt” our traditions to “modern values”? Modern values like consumerism, secularism, politics before everything, SJWs, and whatever it is that causes the 24/7 news cycle are the problem. Or at least part of it. We are trying to reconstruct old religions that were/are more in touch with nature and the Gods, and we can’t do that by throwing out everything that makes us different from modern Western secularism.

Lastly, bringing another of Galina’s friends into this, they attacked Pagan author Raven Kaldera as transphobic, which I find beyond hilarious because Raven IS a ftm transgendered and intersex person (he was born with an intersex condition, raised female, and eventually transitioned to male). They seemed particularly offended by Raven’s use of the term “Third Gender Issues”, but hey, let’s censor the very language and expression of the people YOU CLAIM TO WANT TO PROTECT. Guess you only wanna help out the trans people that toe your party line. They also fail to point out that he is talking about himself and only himself, and that many of the statements they reference in their condemnation he had made 20 years ago, before the current accepted PC language changed and evolved. Guess it’s his fault for not having a time machine. The lunacy is simply stunning. This is somebody who is everything you guys should *like*, since you’re all about identity politics and only identity politics. But he’s friends with someone you hate (for some reason), he believes in freedom, and worst of all, he’s white too …. Gotta throw the trans baby out with the white bathwater, I guess. I really do not know what goes through these people’s minds sometimes.

You might not believe this, but I am *TIRED* of doing political posts. I don’t *WANT* to be political, I don’t want to cause conflict or division. I want to focus more on theology. Good Gods, I want to focus on worshipping my Gods and building our communities. But this is wrong. It turns my stomach, it’s just disgusting. And sometimes you just have to call a spade a spade. Or a terrorist a terrorist.

One day they might come for me, but I’m not going to be silent up until the point that they do. This Heathen bitch will go kicking and screaming.

Odin help me. I can’t believe that with my anxiety issues I am putting this out there. But fuck it.

Come and get me.

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3 Responses to Heathen Author and Priest doxxed by Antifa group

  1. ganglerisgrove says:

    Thank you! I appreciate you speaking out.

  2. I don’t personally agree with A LOT of what Galina has posted in the past on the POLITICAL side of things. I did the mature thing. I unfollowed her blog. Yes, I probably missed out on a lot of really good RELIGIOUS things, but this way, I wouldn’t be tempted to indulge in that timeless Greek/Hellenic tradition of argument with her about things when I couldn’t meet with her over cups of hot beverages of our respective choice and be able to have ALL of the context of the discussion be in front of us.

    HOWEVER, and this NEEDS to be EMPHASIZED OVER AND OVER UNTIL PEOPLE GET IT, “doxxing” someone — even a convicted criminal (which Galina is NOT) — isn’t the way to go about handling things. I will NEVER agree with everyone all the time — even with those closest to me.

    The things I DO agree with Galina about are that — we need to be true to ourselves, and we need to be true to the Gods who call us. Those are the important things we should ALL agree about even if we disagree about other things.

  3. I had no idea who Galina was until I read about her being doxxed on John Michael Greer’s Magic Monday blog. She is intriguing and I love her prayer card shop on Etsy! https://www.etsy.com/shop/WyrdCuriosities So for what it’s worth, those Antifa doofuses have introduced Priestess Galina to a few fans, myself included. May all of Antifa’s future bad intentions backfire in a similar way.

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