Pagans and Polytheists as People of Prayer

Absolutely agree with the points of this post! I actually was one of those who entered Paganism which an intense hatred of the religion I was raised with …. I grew up in an extremely abusive home and it took me years to realize that most Christians are good, decent people who are just trying to live life the way they think is best and connect with the Deity they revere. It took a lot of self-work for me to acknowledge the disrespect I was throwing YHWH and Jesus’s way, and to realize that as a Polytheist, I should not be doing that. They are Gods. They are not MY Gods, They are not my path, but that doesn’t mean They don’t deserve respect and worship. I’ve been Pagan for nearly 18 years now (wooooww……) and my opinions have evolved as I have grown as a person. Hopefully our communities will as well. Christians do not have the monopoly on words like “prayer”, “bless”, or “worship”. We are about so much more than casting spells!!!!

amor et mortem

As long-time readers of thisΒ blog will know by now, I did not enter into Polytheistic Paganism with a seething hatred for the Christian denomination (Eastern Orthodoxy) in which I’d been raised.

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