FB removes Othala automatically now ….

So you may have seen Galina’s post about how a half dozen Heathens have had pictures featuring the Othala rune removed. I’m one of those she’s taking about. I tried to make the one saying “home, faith, folk” my cover photo when I heard about this. It was less than 10 minutes before it was removed for “violating community standards”. NINE minutes. NINE.


What’s so offensive about these? There is nothing hateful about our sacred symbols, and we should NOT be ceding them to white supremacists or sacrificing them on the altar of PC culture.

Those of you who have followed this blog for a few years might remember that when I owned my own land, I had this rune drawn on my cabin door. I guess according to Facebook, that makes me a racist now. :rolls eyes:

Othala means home, heritage, family, folk, tribe. ALL TRIBES. It has nothing to do with the color your skin, NOTHING to do with hate or dominance. By removing these photos, Facebook is not only discriminating against Heathens, but is actively ALLOWING the debasement and defilement of our symbols by ignorant uneducated trash.

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3 Responses to FB removes Othala automatically now ….

  1. KT says:

    FB won’t even let me share this article. Claims it’s spam. Facebook is a cesspool for the ignorant.

  2. Thank you for your post.
    It will take a federal lawsuit, possibly via the ACLU, to stand up to the quasi-governmental spy machine and now “moralist of the world” known as Facebook, a.k.a. Facecrook, or Racebook – FB allows so much hateful and denigrating stuff against minorities that they are prodded by the public to remove things that are too outrageous. Apparently they are ok with being overtly prejudiced and steadfastly Ignorant regarding minority religions and philosophies. It’s all about the advertising dollars and tweaking the psychologically addictive factors to keep FB attractive to members who then reveal plenty to the world that can then be collected, collated, and used against that person or group. Facebook’s own lack of ethical or moral standards becomes highlighted by multi-media news, driven by outrage, panic, fear-mongering and pushing public opinion through FB to oppress many minority opinions. Facebook props up the current regime in power, regardless of the Who, What, When, Where, or Why. Someday there will be a Wiki-leaks piece on FB and their work for various governments around the world. It is not simply to find criminals, it is also to cast aspersions and rumors, tainting reputations and once again guiding public opinion against those who “don’t drink the Kool-Aid” of the major political and religious paths approved of by the powers that be. Turn Othala upside down and it is an angular Taurus sign. will they ban astronomical and astrological signs next? Call it Ethel and maybe they’ll back off – or make a bind-rune to get these Private Censors to pay attention to actual prejudiced hate-mongerers and leave the rest of us alone. Facebook’s early research funding was thru federal monies – never forget that our tax dollars help create this social media behemoth!

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