All Their Voices

Even writing this is a risk, I know.

It could be seen as an invitation,

expressly to him.

But aren’t all gods worldbreakers,

if they want to be?

When they need to be?

Some of them are just better known

for wearing that face.

I hear his whisper, soft and sibilant,

down near the bottom of my consciousness:

‘Think what you will, what you must.

No, I am not nice.

No, I
am not safe.

I am
not a cutesy child’s cartoon character,

matter how some may paint me.

But what I do is necessary.

It is important.”

If not
for him, we would stagnate

in our own inertia forever.

We do
so love the status quo, don’t we,

when it is killing us?

fear that if we move, if we act to change things,

we end up with may be worse,


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