Round-Up of Interesting Links

Interesting Norse folklore: the huldra

A fantastic argument that Yggdrasil, the World Tree, was meant to be represented by a yew, and not an ash tree as I had previously thought (I’m not sure which is the more common belief in modern Asatru, but I have to say that I’m convinced of the yew symbolism now).

A Letter to Those Trying to Convert MeA Letter to Those Trying to Convert Me

Nisse: Scandinavian Folklore of the Household’s Guardian

Interesting and odd folklore of ways to avoid dying

Discernment, Groupthink, and UPG

Boundaries Are Your Personal Magic Circle: Ways to Know and Strengthen Them  – It kinda of makes me sad that such a basic thing needs to have an article about it, but that really says something about our culture, both the Pagan subculture and the mainstream overculture. I’ve noticed that Paganism, witchcraft and new age-ish beliefs seem to attract broken people, people who have been severely damaged by the overculture’s miasma and perhaps personally hurt by representatives of mainstream religions. If the people who have been traumatized by these experiences don’t work on ourselves (and I say “ourselves” very intentionally, because I **AM** one of those people), we risk not only carrying on toxic patterns in our new communities but stunting our spiritual growth and relationships with the Gods and spirits. I’d like to say that this is less of a problem in the Recon community than in Wicca or Ceremonial Magic ones, but I think that is mostly hubris on my part and that it has more to do with how long a person has been walking this path and the practitioners commitment to their path. Healing is a lifelong process and boundaries are a part of that. This is a very basic article, really, but I’m including it anyway because of the importance of this subject.

The tenacious spirit of Depression: fascinating thoughts about depression from an animist perspective

Polytheistic Ethics: Magical Healing. Something to think about. I always ask before I send energy, or even just light a candle in someone’s name.

Miasma and Chronic Illness

Gods of the Month: Roman Festivals in October

God of the Month: Felicitas, or Good Fortune



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  1. hravan says:

    Some shameless self-promotion here: I recently put up an online library about Germanic paganism. It’s still very much in it’s infancy, but I’d say it is worth checking out anyway:

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