Honoring our Military Dead on Memorial Day (Part I)

I happened to have rearranged my altar a few days ago, for a multitude of reasons. It’s now focused more heavily on Ares for the time being. Its interesting timing; the reasoning was because this summer I am working on facing and overcoming some deeply-rooted old fears of mine, fears that are bad enough that they impair my day-to-day functioning, and I need to appeal to Ares for courage to do this work. I had completely and totally forgotten that Memorial Day was coming up. Its completely and wonderfully appropriate, and I’ll have to make sure that I make some offerings to Ares and the military dead tomorrow.
This is my favorite part of Galina’s article: “Civilizations are built on the backs of warriors. It may be an ugly truth. It may be something that our politically correct social justice weasels today don’t like to acknowledge but it is, however reality. When we refuse to honor them, we spit in the face of every one of our ancestors who ever had to take up arms to defend their homes, families, countries, and kin.”

Gangleri's Grove

memorial_dayIt’s been a really rough week and I’m not in the mood to mince words today with this piece. This weekend is set aside in our calendar to remember and hopefully honor those who died while in active service to our country.  

Today I skimmed an article at Patheos, one that essentially suggested that while this is a day to honor those that have died while serving in the military during our numerous wars, we should also take Memorial Day to honor civilians (and pretty much anyone and everyone else) who have died or suffered as a result of those wars as well. Apparently our service men and women aren’t deserving of respect on their own.

Oh that last bit wasn’t in the article but it was implied and really, I get so tired of this. Those writing and agreeing with this are the same people who hit the…

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