When Your God Is a Hurricane

Uncomfortable truths of worshiping the Gods, especially ones Who manifest as natural phenomenon. Nature is cruel, Nature is not only the gentle Mother of life bur the Destroyer of entire species as well.


A few months ago I asked polytheists to ponder the question: your god is a volcano and decides to kill 40,000 people – what do you do?

Well, my God is the hurricane, and right now His names are Harvey and Irma.

I spoke with Him this week, and was told that I needed to seriously begin regular worship again. Thrice weekly, to be precise: tuesday, wednesday, and thursday are for Him now. I find His co-opting of the western calendar days interesting, as He seems to have a kind of affinity with the Norse powers whose names those days have taken. He has no qualms about using Their symbols to communicate with me where it suits Him, and here the metaphor is plain.

The timing for this is compelling, as if to say You had your time to avoid Me, to think on Me, but I will no longer…

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