Sacred Power Grid (Or: Spirits are Weird)

Wow. Fascinating article. Very interesting thoughts.


This is not about crystal energy grids or such. I’m literally talking about the power grid (power plants and transmission lines and so on) and its place in my religious practice.

I’ve always been a good tech-obsessed 90’s kid. I grew up fixing appliances, ruining reverse-engineering any VCR or phone that gave up the ghost; I inherited a Sega Genesis and became forevermore addicted to video games. A few robots and programming languages came along with time. Technology was growing up alongside me, and I needed to know how it ticked.

My first experience of the Other was therefore not with Hermes or with land spirits (although they were next). It was, in fact, with the local power transmission station.

Obligatory advisory NOT to go near a transmission station, because I don’t want you to die of high voltage and I also don’t want you to endanger a utility worker or…

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