Changes to the God of the Month Club

Okay so, I’ve been prompted to change how I approach the God of the Month Club. So far, I would pick 2 Deities from the Neos Alexandria pantheon, and 1 from somewhere else in the world. Since this was random, chosen from shuffling cards, it meant that I could end up with two Greek Gods a month, or two Egyptian. I decided that I’m going to do it differently from now on, dividing the Greek into one deck and the Egyptian into another, so that we get one Deity from each pantheon each month.

I’ve also been getting a push to explore the Vikings/Northern Tradition more thoroughly, so I’ve decided, for now at least, that I will do one Nordic God a month, instead of any God from any pantheon. I really enjoyed studying some of the other Deities from around the world, especially the Orishas and the Hindu Gods, but for now I think it’s important for me to get to know Odin’s family and the world-view and Tradition He comes from. I will probably go back to expanding the “other” category to the entire world again at some point. But not right now.

In this vein, the next Gods for study are Persephone, Montu, and Heimdall. But it’s already so late in the month, that for simplicity’s sake I’m going to wait til June to start. This also gives me time to work on a few other essays that I have had in a half-finished state for quite a long time.

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