Round-Up of Interesting Links

When Was Modern Paganism Born?

Incredible pictures of white ravens! Stunning!

My Mother Wasn’t Trash – Heartbreaking and touching. Things we need to talk about, if “progressives” claim to really care about the poor, since they have pretty much abandoned poor whites.

The largest underground lake, now called the Lost Sea and located in Tennessee, was discovered by mistake when a child was playing in caves and woods in 1905. I wonder how many things like this will never be discovered now that we don’t let kids play in the woods by themselves?

Glima: the Martial Arts system used by the Vikings

My Mango Tree Could Kill Me When Food Runs Out – A terrifying reminder of why prepping and guns are important, and also why I live in the freakin’ woods.

Huge, Wooden Giants Hidden in the Woods Surrounding Copenhagen – This is a magnificent art project! I don’t know if the guy is Pagan, but it feels very Pagan. Talk about re-sacralizing the world around us!

Religion in Daily Life

Polytheistic Theology

A woman with vitiligo turns her condition into beautiful art and becomes a body posivity icon

Gods, Volcanoes, and AI – Thoughts about the non-humanness of the Gods and what that means for us and how we relate to Them.

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